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  1. Captain23

    4+Rear Bumper.. Poweder Coat Comming off

    how long have you had it? i was thinking of getting one, wondering about their durability.
  2. Captain23

    FJ60 Tiller/Disk

    FOUND IT:: TAlos:
  3. Captain23

    FJ60 Tiller/Disk

    Anyone know where the photos of the Fj60 Plowing/disking fields is? I was just talking to my roommate about getting a tractor and I was like, f it lets get an attachment for the cruiser!!
  4. Captain23

    4bt pan modifications

    heres another option "massaging" done by Tim at landcruiser specialties it looks like **** and the first time i braked, it hit the driveshaft and gouged the pan. so he pulled it, hammered some more and patched it with spot welds and jb weld. On a 6BT the pickup tube is on the drivers side...
  5. Captain23

    bj60 donor vehicle

    If I were you I'd try to get an 83 or 84 with a 5spd. they're around.
  6. Captain23

    bj60 donor vehicle

    Its pretty easy, use a Registered Importer they do all the paperwork, put some stickers on the inside of the door and on the engine block itself, mine cost about 400. I didn't have to pay much import tax due to the low price of the rig. Are you physically driving it over, or having it...
  7. Captain23

    Fj60 on 9.00 x 16 NDT MIlitary tires

    those would be sweet on a 40!
  8. Captain23

    OIl fill on Split-case

    Got it through the top output seal bolt, wasn't too bad to squeeze in the oil, just took some time! Thanks for the tip Cruiserdrew!
  9. Captain23

    OIl fill on Split-case

    yeah, i did use a pipe wrench, said pliers on accident tryin the tack weld manyana, its dark here now
  10. Captain23

    OIl fill on Split-case

    no go on the pliers, biotch is stuck on there tight!
  11. Captain23

    OIl fill on Split-case

    thanks man, learning is fun, just harsh sometimes!
  12. Captain23

    OIl fill on Split-case

    Where is the oil fill on a 83 split case? If its the 24 mm nut on the rear of the case i'm fxxxed cuz mines stripped and theres no way of getting it out..:mad: i should have figured that out before I drained it! is there any other way to fill the case aside from tipping the truck over and...
  13. Captain23

    ARB Bumper for 60 Series

    I think you can order them from ARB directly
  14. Captain23

    dove tail the front or refender it ??

  15. Captain23

    weak-link's 60 bulid

    HAHAHAHAAA!!!!! Those springs look a bit planning on hauling a ton of stuff? My SOA springs sagged after a month and they had looked like that in the beginning. You may want to add a leaf to stiffen them up.
  16. Captain23

    BJ60 to replace FJ62?

    I agree with lovetoski: hills are the downfall, but she'll cruise 70-75 all day. Its kinda the same as driving a vw bus, except better on the flat ground!
  17. Captain23

    newbie looking to buy this cruiser, need opinions/advice

    no just craigslist CL and his Flickr photo site the rust isn't too bad, looks like surface, nothing like my BJ! You never know though till you can poke it!
  18. Captain23

    newbie looking to buy this cruiser, need opinions/advice

    That truck's been for sale for months, i checked it out on CL back in March or maybe even Feb. So yah he probably wants to get rid of it. Looks sweet though. ALL the upgrades, H55 5spd- close to 2k Kamar Bumper- almost 2k Arb- another K thats 5 plus the engine, tires/wheels all there ready...
  19. Captain23

    NP205 to Stock T-case doubler?

    double the 203/205 and swap the axles? rather keep the LC, beefing up with chromoly longfields/axles front and rear, hysteer....
  20. Captain23

    NP205 to Stock T-case doubler? got the advanced adapter for the stock tcase with the nv4500, but now thinking what about doubling up- can't use the 205 with LC axles
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