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  1. dr_claw


    Wow! Great! Looking for updates on this. BTW I love the color..... my fj45 shares Rustic Green! EDIT: Are those rear sliders on the hardtop???? Never seen those on fixed top!
  2. dr_claw

    'Bug Catchers'

    ok, ok, ok. As a guy who is "new" to bug catchers..... I am basically doing the same thing as Dizzy. I am making a nice set of doors out of like 3 old doors. What do you guys mean by 16" vs 17"???? I thought all bug catcher stuff was the same. I have the little chrome locks on the bottom.
  3. dr_claw

    My front drive shaft adventure

    The pinion side is Grade 8. The T-case side is metric class 8.8, but they are larger than the pinion side bolts. I agree some drive shaft studs would be better in there, but for now I am not too worried about breaking them, or people looking too closely at my shaft ;) Load psi Grade 8...
  4. dr_claw

    Do you see the problem?

    I would use a BFH to beat the crap out of the cross member... just enough for the clearance. No welding, no cutting..... although you could heat the tube before you wack it.
  5. dr_claw

    My front drive shaft adventure

    DC shaft from a Tacoma. Normally I wouldn't run a DC shaft on the pinion side, but there isn't enough clearance between the pan and the output flange. I don't really need a DC shaft, but it was $40 from the wrecker and it was the lenght. EDIT As for bolt sizes, I know they look odd. Both...
  6. dr_claw

    Omix Ada 5.29 gears?

    up to $109. There are Chinese R+P 5.29 for $215 on ebay. I figure these would be worth the risk for 1/2 price.
  7. dr_claw

    My front drive shaft adventure

    Ok... full disclosure.... all wrecking yard parts FYI 79-82 mini truck female slip joint to 3 speed case Turbo 400 cut with a zip disk and sanded with a flap disk. 98ish Tacoma Short Box 4x4 rear shaft, Double Cardon "male end" Grade 8 hardware purchased new :grinpimp:
  8. dr_claw

    My front drive shaft adventure

    I went a different route all together...... 3speed case, AA adapter, Turbo 400. After pricing out the AA kit to be delivered to Canada, I figured I could figure something else out. I used a 79-81 Mini Truck Female end to Flange on the tcase side to a 98 Tacoma DC shaft to the front axle. Fits...
  9. dr_claw

    Project LandROC

    I am wiring up my 45 from front to back. I will be using a Rebel harness... Which is almost the same as painless. Also made in USA with the same make connectors. I can't wait to see your headlight harness to see how you run the relays. Great work!
  10. dr_claw

    High School Auto shop FJ40 Project

    As a fellow shop teacher..... You will love working on your cruiser with the kids. Cheers! Ryan from Samuel Robertson Technical :) Check my build in the 45 section to see my class project.
  11. dr_claw

    Installing a rd153 in a semi float rear with 5.29s

    Quick question... Full floater or in a front end..... Do you still need to grind 5.29??
  12. dr_claw

    FJ55 Rear Axle Questions...

    details please on the non legal disk conversion.....
  13. dr_claw

    Split Hood Ornament On Non-Split Hood

    Thanks MUD! I was thinking putting a piece of 1/8 Rubber under the ornament to fill any gaps and cut down on rusting and "wiggleage." When I get around to the mod I will update this thread with pics. In the mean time, anyone else have experience with this? Pics?
  14. dr_claw

    Split Hood Ornament On Non-Split Hood

    Because I have a split hood ornament that I want to put on a non split hood :grinpimp:
  15. dr_claw

    Split Hood Ornament On Non-Split Hood

    Has anyone drilled holes in their non split hood and attached the blade style chrome hood ornament from a split hood?
  16. dr_claw

    Need Help Removing Full Float Rear Axle Shaft

    heat + chisel
  17. dr_claw

    Rescued a 1970 FJ40 with Hone-o-Drive (pics)

    Bull put a newer drivetrain with 4 speed and 4 speed case in that rig. I bought the vacuum tcase / overdrive / and trans from him. I needed the tcase, and I thought that I was going to run the Overdrive. I took the overdrive all apart, redid the seals and it works fine, and actually...
  18. dr_claw

    Help! Real Time Turbo 400 Rebuild question!

    one last thing with this rebuild though........ I don't know what this clip is for. Left on the work bench after the install :doh:
  19. dr_claw

    Help! Real Time Turbo 400 Rebuild question!

    never mind, figured it out.... FYI, for searching purposes..... There is a small 12 point 3/8 bolt hiding under the VB
  20. dr_claw

    Help! Real Time Turbo 400 Rebuild question!

    Hello all. I am busy tonight rebuilding the t-400 for my FJ45 but I can't figure this out and I am pulling my hair out!!!! I need to swap output shafts for the Advanced Adapter to the landcruiser 3 speed tcase, and I am so close! I can't get the last "case" thing out. No snap rings or...
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