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  1. taurus4x4

    FJ40 Hi lift jack front bumper mount options?

    Actually, the Hi-Lift sits pretty flush with the fender and step; so, if you you are going to hit something, it will hit first the fender and then the Hi-Lift. Besides, due that the jack mount is attached to the windshield hinge point, it makes it a pretty good bush guard.
  2. taurus4x4

    FJ40 Hi lift jack front bumper mount options?

    Well, the main difference between the fjMount® and other similars, is that once it is installed, you don't need any tool to take it off of put it back in again. It is just a well design and big enough knob that you unscrew even is you are modding and is all wet. Easy to moun and easy to dismount...
  3. taurus4x4

    FJ40 Hi lift jack front bumper mount options?

    Hi, no, it is not metal to metal, the base has two rubber washers as supporters and pads in order to prevent the metal to metal contact. Due to the pins located on the base, there is not rattleling. It is a nice set up and comes with everything you need to install the kit (well, except...
  4. taurus4x4

    FJ40 Hi lift jack front bumper mount options?

    fjMount® Hi-Lift mounting bracket Hello guys, if you are looking for an easy to install, nice looking and also excellent quality way to mount your Hi-Lift, the fjMount® is the best way to do that. It let you use an other way unused space in your FJ40 which is the side of the vehicle just behind...
  5. taurus4x4 shop evaluation

    Hi mkguyvr and Icwizard this is Mauricio, former partner of GXR4x4 now Stoney's, since I split from GXR4x4 I kept building excellent restorations as I have done it since I came to the U.S. in 2007, my actual web page since then is Home - FJ40 Land Cruiser Restoration Toyota and a lot of people...
  6. taurus4x4

    It's time: a non so documented build

    e-mail Hey Daniel, can I get your email? Is Mauricio (pana) Thanks.
  7. taurus4x4

    Electrical 101

    Relay Hi, my first question is, do you want to keep the switch? or you just want it hook up when you shift reverse? If the answer is to keep the switch, my advise is to first a Realy if there is not one on it,,, relays are simple but as you said, to beginners as I used to be, is hard to...
  8. taurus4x4

    opinion on rewiring...

    Under Hi, from factory the wiring runs under the body and in some parts inside the chassis too. Hope this helps. :wrench:
  9. taurus4x4

    Minitruck booster linkage problems

    Pics Hi, if send some pictures, I think I can be able to help you both, I have done plenty disc brake conversion and I think I can help. :wrench::wrench::wrench:
  10. taurus4x4

    No air filter?

    Question Hey Horatio, one question??? The snorkel they put on by any chance has a round top (tip of the snorkel) or it is the regular Safari type with just an inlet on it? Because some snorkels for 70 series used to come with a round top where a small high flow filter is ussually...
  11. taurus4x4

    Can't get my 76 FJ40 running, help or suggestions guys

    Hope this helps If you haven't run the cruiser in long time, it is very likely to be clogged, however, do you have the electrical choke connected? because if not, it is common to do that, run some seconds and then shut down. Try with a carb choke spray and see how it improves, if so, no doubt...
  12. taurus4x4

    Any hope for this 2F?

    Bad symptom Hi, the engine in the pictures looks bad, however, the only one who ca really tell you if it can be good or not is the machine shop, because even with rust in it, they can bore it out and make it look and work as new, but if there is any cracks in the head or block, then is bad...
  13. taurus4x4

    Wanted Drivers Side Seat Belt Brown, AZ

    40 or 60 Hey, are you looking for a 40 or 60 series seat belt? just in case I believe I have a full set of brown seat belts out of a australian FJ40. Please let me know and I will check today at the shop. :wrench:
  14. taurus4x4

    Disc Brake Master Cylinder and Booster Compatability

    CCOT Sorry, CCOT is Cool Cruiser of Texas, google it, they sell a lot of aftermarket good parts. this is the link to the web page Cool Cruisers of Texas Land Cruiser Sales and Parts
  15. taurus4x4

    Disc Brake Master Cylinder and Booster Compatability

    Australian?? Ok, as your Cruiser is an Australian model, they didn't come with disc brakes 'till 80's, so, my advise, get a single reservoir out of a 60 or 62 series and you can use your booster but you will probably to either used shims between the booster and the master cylinder or cutting...
  16. taurus4x4

    FJ40 2f to 3b conversion

    Question... By the way, how much do you want for engine and tranny? Thanks.:wrench:
  17. taurus4x4

    Disc Brake Master Cylinder and Booster Compatability

    Easy Hi, my suggestion is that you get the newer type of master cylinder (with only one reservoir) at good price on CCOT because these were specifically made for front disc brake and rear drums. The booster, you can use plenty, out of any FJ40 '76 and up, any toyota mini trucks booster...
  18. taurus4x4

    FJ40 2f to 3b conversion

    A lot of details Hi Keith, I will give you some tips due that I have done this conversion a couple times before... The first you need is the engine and tranny mountings to make all your work a lot easy, you can get these in Specter or CuiserParts, please do not try to fabricate the...
  19. taurus4x4

    finally!! got my new 40!!

    Nice !!! Really nice and original Cruiser, I know you already ordered the 4" lift but, a suggestion, is better the 2 1/2 from OME and extra 1 1/2 shackles on it, better ride and more stable, however, it looks pretty good. Congrats !!!
  20. taurus4x4

    Parting out FJ62, 1988

    Gas hoses?? Hi, by any chance do you have the two gas hoses that are attached to the main gas filter with bamjo bolts? If so, how much? Thanks. Any contact number???:wrench:
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