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  1. Source3

    ol'Jenny Storage Solution

    Ok, way to late to respond. Just been a little side tracked. 33x9.5
  2. Source3

    Driving FJ40 at elevation

    This is how is set mine too.
  3. Source3

    Driving FJ40 at elevation

    I live at 6,500ft. Play at higher altitudes. Advance your timing as you begin to increase elevation until you are happy with the setting. My ol' FJ40 was slow but always made it. Some Carbs had high altitude jets. Some carbs even had a spot on the carb to store the extra jets. I had Mark...
  4. Source3

    going broke

    Diesel? You may have better luck posing in the diesel section:
  5. Source3

    Athleta model and a 40

    And again:
  6. Source3

    Second Opinion?

    Just looked at the video after sending you a PM. I would run at that price and the amount of rust. I had a 3spd F engine with no power steering before swapping in a 2F, 4spd, and power steering. For comfort and daily driving/semi-daily driving a 4spd with power steering is nice. He forgot to...
  7. Source3

    Selectro hub

    I may still have my old selectro's. If you are interested I will search my parts box. They are yours if you pay for shipping.
  8. Source3

    Clutch master went out.....

    By both the master and slave. Once one goes out the other will follow within a few months.
  9. Source3

    DRW's 1972 FJ40

    Since it runs how about simple creature comfort. Old Man Emu (OME) suspension; call Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters. The medium OME will work fine for your needs. Some comfortable seats from Scat Pro Car. And a bolt for your front license plate. The OME will give you a 2.5" lift. So you may...
  10. Source3

    OEM Toyota power steering gear FJ 40

    I think '79 is a transition year. Do you have an early 79 or late 79? This may make a difference.
  11. Source3

    pain when braking

    Yes. It does take a lot of foot pressure to stop the FJ40. How I know....converted drums to disk, swapped in an 80 series master, and a new vacuum booster from an 82 Celica. Now I use 80% less foot pressure on the brake pedal. I do not know how much work it would take to switch to vacuum...
  12. Source3

    1976 - 1980 FJ40 Brake Booster Replacement List

    Used a brake booster from a toyota supra (1983), a spacer from a 1978 minitruck, and the master cylinder (rebuilt) from an 80-series. Bolted right up, no adjustments needed for the push rod.
  13. Source3

    Flashers steady when brakes applied

    Yes. This is what I am referring to.
  14. Source3

    Flashers steady when brakes applied

    I have replaced one tailight with OEM and have gone through the grounds and sockets. If no one else is experiencing this problem I will go through the wiring again.
  15. Source3

    Flashers steady when brakes applied

    Strong battery. Happens when engine is on or off. What puzzles me is that the turn signals work when brakes are applied. Have have gone through the grounds too.
  16. Source3

    Bolwing fuses.

    x3. You are most likely grounding out. While you are figuring out the issue, may as well get some Roundeyes and the ARB harness that bypass the smaller gauge wiring. Call Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters and he will set you up with the harness. What is nice about the ARB harness is that is you...
  17. Source3

    Flashers steady when brakes applied

    I would look at the wiring diagram but my manuals are still packed away somewhere from my move and I am very curious for an answer. Been meaning to check into this for a few years. When the brakes are applied, the flashers stop flashing. Is this normal? Specs: original wiring harness, early...
  18. Source3

    1965 FJ40 just bought. A few questions

    1. Dashman's Dashbox - I think he still makes them. Search for it. 2. Rollbar from Metal Tech.
  19. Source3

    Cruiser Cover?

    x2. Mine is going on three years.
  20. Source3

    Bought a 72 FJ40

    Congrates from one green Fj40 to another.
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