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    Best 40th ed replacement leather that matches oem color

    I have other priorities to deal with on my new LX450 purchase.... but these options look good!
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    Coastal Offroad Front Bumper Build

    How many hours do you feel this takes to weld/grind before you paint/coat it? I'm looking at front bumpers also for my LX450
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    Events/Trails DIY Turbo V1.0, Boosted 80 = Happiness

    I'll try to find other pics on my work computer today. The intercooler pipes were run thru the front radiator support. Here is the cast manifold I ran:
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    Events/Trails DIY Turbo V1.0, Boosted 80 = Happiness

    I had a GT35R running a Turbonetics cast log manifold on my LX450 with eBay FMIC, stock inj/MAF/Tuning and with 6psi it ripped. No issues in over 10K miles before I sold it. Did 135mph in it one night on 33's. 13mpg avg..... not so good...
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    Builds LS2 L76 V8 and 6L80E Swap in 1997 40th FJ80

    one word! Awesome. Please report back with fuel economy and power impressions? I had a GT35R turbocharged setup on my last Cruiser and it had good power especially at altitude. Probably only made about 350hp though as it was running about 8psi on factory tune/inj/fuel pump/91 octane. It...
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    And so it begins !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nice results for pretty much stock. I hope you resolve the front driveshaft issues. With a slightly larger cam ('02-04 Z06), ported stock TB, and retune you would pick up an easy 20 rwhp+. It would also keep the power down low; however allow you to continue making power to about 6500rpm...
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    Builds Another Texas LS1 Swap

    let us know what kind of fuel economy it gets! Great engine conversion! :D
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    Builds V8 Swap Project Begins! Again with LS2

    awesome swap! Would the factory exhaust manifolds have worked or the center outlet C6 Corvette ones? You can also put the manifolds on opposite sides and have them flipped facing forward to think about other exhaust options. And mix/match manifolds from any LS style engine. Curious...
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    fj80 v8 converstion checklist

    If you want to do it right.... get a '5.3 engine out of a '99+ GM truck. Install a used '02-04 Z06 cam/springs, and headers if you can afford them. If not just put in a stock 5.3 and do the upgrades later. Porting the stock throttlebody is worth about 10hp and there are plenty of people that...
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    V8 swap info

    I've owned a turbo LX450 and the power was great.... the fuel economy was horrible. It still did lack low end torque until it made boost but once it made boost 8psi it pulled hard for a 6500lb truck. If it were me I would do the 5.3 LS engine, install a Z06 cam which preserves the low end...
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    How much power can the 1fz make?

    they destroked the crank to make less displacement in order for it to rev higher. I think the stock crank weighs close to 100lbs! For $30K off..... I'm surprised someone in the Middle East doesn't buy it :) The top racers run 3.4i stroker crank Supra motors and make similar power. I'm sure...
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    Slee shortbus bumper pics on my turbo LX450

    Here are more pics of the truck and turbo/intercooler routing: This is a custom one off kit. Not Safari. The intercooler was off of eBay and rated at 600hp. I doubt...
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    Slee shortbus bumper pics on my turbo LX450

    I sold the truck to a guy from Kuaui, Hawaii and he wanted the Slee shortbus bumper on the truck. Here it is with Metal Tech sliders and 4x4 Labs rear bumper. They are all a tubular design and I think visually appealing they work well together. Without a winch on the front of the bumper it...
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    Dueler Revo AT tires replacing LTX?

    For mainly on-road I liked my REVOs. They handle well and I could take corners/off-ramps at a good speed on them even with 2.5" OME lift. On slippery rocks they did poorly vs. any MT tire. If you mainly drive on the street and see mild to medium off-road activities they'll be fine. I had 30K...
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    big turbo manual trans land cruiser

    I emailed a few of the shops that built some of the turbo 1FZ trucks and was curious about the fuel management they used. I asked what kind of budget unit they would recommend. Their answer was Motec. I think the base Motec system is $6K. :eek: I guess when your customers have more money...
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    SEM Classic Coat for LX450 leather?

    I've used SEM paint on seats and with proper prep it can work great. Make sure you thorougly clean them and prior to painting use some alcohol to get off any remaining oils. I would remove the seats from the vehicle and tape of any areas you don't want overspray on. 1 can or so per seat...
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    Install Success - Sears Diehard Platinum Group 31M

    I installed one as well. No mods aside from the wires being pretty stretched. Need to still get a retension device made up. Of note.... this battery weighs about 70lbs. Lots of reserve 200 mins and plenty of CCA to start your rig. Expensive at over $200.
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    turbo manifold project

    I have an Innovate WB02 sensor with the digital readout near the DIFF LOCK switch. It runs rich all the time. 10K miles later... no issues. It does like oil seemingly like all the 1FZ's. I believe my A/R on the turbine is .82 I'll have to look this weekend. Gives some turbo diesel trucks...
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    turbo manifold project

    impressive manifold for sure! That motor has been punished by the poor MA road salt... or are you near the coast? What brand/size turbo is that? What A/R size on the turbine housing? Here is my setup! GT35R ball bearing turbo. Stock inj/pump/computer (no tuning) with 8psi.
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    I need a transfer case

    Largest online parts directory for salvage yards across the nation:
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