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    No Dash lights, tail lights or Marker lights But Headlights, brake lights work?

    Having the same issue on my FZJ80 94, seems there is a lot of heat being generated in the Taillight relay. This is the 2nd relay that I have had in and it looks like the 15amp Taillight fuse had been replaced with a 30amp. I have replaced the fuse and a new relay, and connected a smart device...
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    Anyone with a jdm fzj80? O2 sensor?s

    yep that’s the one
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    Wits’ End- Something about mounting balls 🤔

    Just checking, you just stick between the handle and pillar and screw it down?I don’t see the gap in other photos?
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    Anyone with a jdm fzj80? O2 sensor?s

    I have 94 JDM, I thought it had 4 for ages, but I think it’s just 2 in front and the 2 behind the cats are heat sensors or something else, would need to dig into again to remembe. I managed to get one original O2, but will use the later model sensor for the other and do the mod to rewire the...
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    80 Series Factory Bumper Swing Out DIY Kits

    Great if I can be added to the waiting list cheers
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    93 1fz Japanese Import EGT Sensor?

    @pwinkowski did you figure this out, have exactly the same on my FZJ80, 2 x O2 sensors in-front and 2 temperature sensors behind the CAT?
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    Pre and Post cat O2 sensors on 94

    Ok it looks like the back 2 are temperature sensors, could that be right?
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    Pre and Post cat O2 sensors on 94

    Still looking into this, as the fuel consumption is not great, need to get the time to look again. Had a look under the Landcruiser again, and the back 2 o2 sensors after the cats are 2-wire, has anyone seen that? I have now got enough 4 wire to do the front!!!
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    Pre and Post cat O2 sensors on 94

    Nice diagram where is that from?? Should have mentioned it’s a JDM import, not sure if that changes things?? Thanks
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    Pre and Post cat O2 sensors on 94

    Folks, Have a '94 FZJ80 with o2 sensors before and after the cats, twin cats with a o2 sensor front and rear, so 4 in total, so the question is, what are the part codes?? Are the pre and post the same expect for longer pigtails? I have seen this part code 89465-60110 or these 89465-69125 or...
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    Ok, so talk me IN to gull wing back windows

    In the U.K., truck is a JDM import, no idea where Wagon decal came from, but is looking a bit ropey! It is pretty loaded, need to get some airbags for the rest sus!
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    Ok, so talk me IN to gull wing back windows

    Why I love mine!
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    Under Seat Mounted Fire Extinguisher Mount, need feedback.

    If only these were ready back in November!!! Shipping costs to the UK might be a bit much! Was trying to figure out if I could fit my rechargeable Maglite into the space at the back. Sent from my iPhone
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    Upgrading stock alternator to 130/150 amp

    Hi, looking to do this upgrade on a Japanese import 94FZJ80 here in the UK, has anybody tried this before? Any problems with the size of the 150amp alternators? The truck is RHD and I have added some really rubbish photos!! Cheers
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