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  1. trexoffroad

    Is this timing/water pump kit the highest quality?

    Apologies if this has been discussed before. Can’t find the answer I’m looking for. Can the special tools listed in the service manual for timing belt change be substituted by tool rentals at an auto parts store? Or are they so specialized that they must be factory tools? Thanks for any...
  2. trexoffroad

    Curious about the Cruiser

    Another FJ lover here. I do agree that the back seat can be an issue for some. And the visibility for others. But I’m so used to it that I don’t even think of it. And I removed rear seats a long time ago! I hope my FJ outlasts me. That’s how much I love mine!
  3. trexoffroad

    What did you do to your FJ Cruiser today?

    “Finished” my front rack spoiler. One day it will get new powder coating but for now it’s done. Modified a fairing from Expedition One Mule Roof Rack to fit in my Rhino Rack Backbone. Hoping to add a light bar next.
  4. trexoffroad

    Front suspension squeek/creak (low frequency)

    Mine is sometimes both. During articulation. But also when the suspension just starts to move. I can push down on bumper and hear it.
  5. trexoffroad

    Front suspension squeek/creak (low frequency)

    I would love to hear what you figure out. Our GX isn’t creaking yet. But my FJ does. Everything is new on its suspension minus sway bar bushings. (End links are new). Mine is usually a “pop” sound as well. Kind of like two pieces of metal bound and then break loose if that makes sense. It...
  6. trexoffroad

    What did you do to your FJ Cruiser today?

    Installed the Alucab RTT. Can’t wait to use it.
  7. trexoffroad

    1 made a bumper for the GX

    Nice work!
  8. trexoffroad

    What did you do to your FJ Cruiser today?

    Started installing the Springtail table on rear door. Also started the process to install my AluCab RTT. Hoping to finish that this weekend
  9. trexoffroad

    Tired of all the "same", big honking RTT's. So I made a new one. - Terrapod!

    Anyone have a Terrapod on their FJ Cruiser? Would love to see pics!
  10. trexoffroad

    Bush Alpha vs Alucab vs Terrapod

    I’m looking for a RTT and the Terrapod and Alucab are the top two. I know everything is a compromise but…it’s still difficult to realize which negative will be the worst. If that makes any sense? I.e. for me, the thought of having to inflate and deflate a mattress every time I set up or take...
  11. trexoffroad

    GX470-Anyone regret mounting spare on rear door?

    To be fair, I do not wheel mine hardcore. So if someone is, their experience could be different. It’s very solid. But that metal will only last so long when beaten on.
  12. trexoffroad

    Eimkeith panhard correction kit

    I’ve been looking at these a lot lately. Wondering what your experience was with welding it in? Is the forward side of the mount easily accessible for welding?
  13. trexoffroad

    Direct mount feet for load bars GX470. Alucab.

    Definitely interested in seeing your solution when you find it!
  14. trexoffroad

    GX470-Anyone regret mounting spare on rear door?

    I have the JW offroad mount and no regrets. As solid as day one. I do wish @ExpeditionOne would build a rear bumper with the swing out that attaches to door like the FJ. I’d be in line for one if they did.
  15. trexoffroad

    GX470 PopTop

    This is really cool! Looking forward to more pics!
  16. trexoffroad

    For Sale Tucson, Arizona: Expedition One Mule Roof Rack for FJ Cruiser $1300

    Up for sale is my roof rack from my FJ. Have had it about three years. Is in good to new shape. Some arizona pinstriping but nothing terrible. I added core trax to left and right sides and at rear of rack to help with tie downs. I originally purchased it for no light bar but later decided...
  17. trexoffroad

    Lets see some pics of your FJ Cruisers

    This is always hard to see. I realize it’s part of the cycle of forests…but it still hurts to see it.
  18. trexoffroad

    Lets see some pics of your FJ Cruisers

    Glad to see some new posts. Your poor FJ has got some battle scars!
  19. trexoffroad

    Door mount tire carrier (Becky and JW off-road

    I have the JW version and very happy with it. No sounds either! Thankfully! Hopefully you find the culprit and fix it! Post back once you do?
  20. trexoffroad

    Builds Scat's GX Build

    Any build updates? Trip reports? Needing some inspiration as I’m stuck at home this summer (fall?) with cost of fuel.
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