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  1. mjulaw

    2004 Sequoia Leather Seat Cover (replacing velour)

    I've decided to replace the velour seats. It's just a DD/grocery getter and I plan to have it for a long time (only has 180k). I've found real leather full set for around $500 by Coverking, made to fit. Anyone have experience with these? Prefer to spend my money with a member or vendor here...
  2. mjulaw

    2003 & 2004 Sequoia Rear Hatch

    I have a 2004 Sequoia SR5, rear hatch doesn't work, also has a huge dent. Local 2003 Sequoia is being parted out. If the '03 rear hatch door is an exact match to my '04, gonna buy it. Thanks in advance.
  3. mjulaw

    CRUISER MECHANICS - Listed by State

    Remove Henry's Auto Care (Tuscaloosa AL) from the list. Henry retired for medical reasons.
  4. mjulaw

    FJ62 born Nov 1987 - A440 or A440F trans?

    Just wanna confirm the correct transmission for an '88, A440 or F version. Thanks
  5. mjulaw

    For Sale A440F + T-case + parts, Atlanta GA

    Probably gonna make you an offer in short order, just want to double check that we have an exact fit. Mine was manufactured in November 1987, just researching to make sure it’s the F version, not the A440. I’m not a mechanic so possibly a dumb inquiry ha.
  6. mjulaw

    New 60 carpet for sale! JUNE 1, 2018 UPDATE

    About 99% sure I’ll go with gray, my default is always stock. Seeing the black carpet is more of a curiosity.
  7. mjulaw

    New 60 carpet for sale! JUNE 1, 2018 UPDATE

    Did anyone ever post pics of the carpet in black? I just read all 24 pages of this thread while watching football 😆 Will PM you my address once I decide between gray & black for my ‘85 FJ60. I also have a ‘96 LX and an ‘04 Sequoia if you are the hookup for new carpet in those😎
  8. mjulaw

    Wanted WANTED: Auto Transmission for '88 FJ62 (located in Alabama)

    Reverse & 3rd gear stopped working. Looking for automatic in good running condition. Tuscaloosa AL
  9. mjulaw

    For Sale A440F + T-case + parts, Atlanta GA

    in tuscaloosa, about a three hour drive. 3rd gear and reverse stopped working on my ‘88. as soon as my mechanic makes the call on rebuild / replace, i may be in touch.
  10. mjulaw

    Best Oil for *Performance* '85 FJ60

    went with dino rotella 15w-40, as it's the overwhelming choice on this site, and a k&n filter. instead of a flush product, gonna repeat this oil change in 500-1000 miles. i noticed a smoother engine immediately. thanks for all the advice 😎
  11. mjulaw

    Best Oil for *Performance* '85 FJ60

    < found the comment i was referring to. it involves 'pressure' not compression > "Older high milage motors which have run conventinal oil their whole life when switched to synthetics, will most probably leak & loose oil pressure. Your motor uses oil for two reasons. Hydraulic *pressure*...
  12. mjulaw

    Best Oil for *Performance* '85 FJ60

    in one of these threads, someone mentioned that dino oil offers better compression or something along those lines (i don't recall exactly how he worded it) i can do basic car stuff but i'm not an engine master by any means, so be kind 😆
  13. mjulaw

    Best Oil for *Performance* '85 FJ60

    I've read as much as I can about this topic that I'm sure many of you are tired of reading about. The dreaded motor oil debate... My recently acquired '85 FJ60 has 268k miles. I've been doing the small things to squeeze as much performance as possible out of this 2F. It's a daily driver in...
  14. mjulaw

    Question re ECU for 88 FJ62

    ECU needs to be replaced in 88 FJ62. Part # "89961-60020". How much variation am I allowed on those last 5 digits? I'm currently operating under the assumption that (based on a previous thread) either 60020 or 60021 will work. Found a 60021 for $100 less, but before I get it, looking for...
  15. mjulaw

    Rescuing a blue 60 /build/ chit chat thread

    enjoyed reading this thread...i live in tuscaloosa and have an '88 FJ62... and as we say here, roll tide!
  16. mjulaw

    No dash lights in accessory mode

    trying to pull engine codes the old fashioned way with a paper clip. no dash lights at all in accessory mode, but lights up when switched to 'on' and cranks. trying to preview if the alternator or the voltage regulator is the reason this new-ish battery won't hold a charge, as well as any...
  17. mjulaw

    Wanted Wanted: Tail light lens (L & R) for '88 FJ62

    surprised at how hard these are to find. found a seller on ebay, but none in US. one is faded, one is cracked. don't need perfect, just need a pair in at least good condition, or excellent. no cracks, fading, etc. any info on where to buy in US with quick shipping? i'll take that as well...
  18. mjulaw

    transmission won't go into reverse: alternatives to rebuild/replace?

    update: added ATF while hot, tried again, no luck. got underneath and had my son shift the gears. saw nothing that appeared to be broken. if there's something underneath to remove and look at, by all means, let me know. thanks.
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