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  1. buckroseau

    Troopy - FJ40/45 overhead tray FS

  2. buckroseau

    Troopy - FJ40/45 overhead tray FS

    I pm'd you back!
  3. buckroseau

    Troopy - FJ40/45 overhead tray FS

    Pulled this overhead tray out of my troopy. Seems to be made out of fiberglass, then covered in a carpet. Opening for a stereo mount and storage pockets on each end. Looks factory built, so I am assuming this is a fairly common after market thing in AU. I'm sure I will never use it...
  4. buckroseau

    LV and a few LPB parts for sale

    Mike, What are you looking for, PM me if you want. Got the 79 sitting in the shed....maybe we can trade for some lv door and window handles? ;) Thanks, Matt
  5. buckroseau

    LV and a few LPB parts for sale

    Hi Marvin, I think I do, but a fellow mudder has 1st dibs on them. Currently I can only find 1 of them and I know had 2. Thanks, Matt
  6. buckroseau

    LV and a few LPB parts for sale

    Pm sent.
  7. buckroseau

    LV and a few LPB parts for sale

    Email has been sent. Gas ax should be fired up tomorrow :D
  8. buckroseau

    LV and a few LPB parts for sale

    I'll do some checking, should have them laying around somewhere. Matt
  9. buckroseau

    shackles and misc. chub.

    Are these worth anything to anybody? I know I'm supposed to post a price, but I have no idea if this is scrap metal or not? Fed ex ground from 56751 Thanks, Matt
  10. buckroseau

    LV and a few LPB parts for sale

    last 1
  11. buckroseau

    LV and a few LPB parts for sale

    Doing some cleaning in the shop today. I was going to hang on to some of this stuff and try to use it for trading for the LV parts I need. But...if someone needs them now, I would hope they would do the same for me. Front LV seat....thinking $50 bucks? Frame and springs seems...
  12. buckroseau

    77 fj45 frame

    Might want to call SOR. I talked to Marv late summer last year, he was heading over to Australia and was hoping to pick up a few. Not sure if he did or not, but worth a call. He told me he was going to sell them for whatever price he had on his website...which I think is around $900...
  13. buckroseau

    FJ45LV reproductions - complete floors, bumpers, tailgates...

    Count me in on an inner tailgate panel. Thanks, Matt
  14. buckroseau

    Needed for a '67 FJ45LV wagon

    Hi, I would take all 4 interior door handles and window cranks. Also, the door jam stops....those threaded curved rods on the front of the door jambs. Please let me know, Thanks, Matt
  15. buckroseau

    45 LV side window glass FS

    Interior door handles and interior window cranks????? Please let me know? Thanks, Matt
  16. buckroseau

    WTB - FJ45 Box

    Adam, I am in N.W. Minnesota..approx. 9 miles from Canada. Not sure, but if it works out better for you and customs...could ship both to my place if a group buy was to work out and you could pick it up or I could help move it into Canada from there and keep it going. I have a couple...
  17. buckroseau

    WTB - FJ45 Box

    I am in need of a long box also. I don't know about you or anyone else, but I would be interested in a direct/group buy of flat packed boxes from Panama. Edit: and tailgate If you or anyone else is interested of course? Been trying to get a hold of Panama Paul for the last week...
  18. buckroseau


    Another email sent to you for parts Matt
  19. buckroseau

    Ready to pre-order for FJ45LV repro tail lenses

    Pm sent.......
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