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  1. 71cruiser71

    Medium Blue

    It would be cool if that chart also included production #s
  2. 71cruiser71

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    👏👏 Yaass
  3. 71cruiser71

    Wanted FJ40 front Lap belts

    These are the same that came in 71
  4. 71cruiser71

    Maybe an easy question about guages

    Ok, so I don't have a test light but I have a meter. I checked per FSM guage post A to B and getting 45 ohms. I get 12v to guage when it's plugged in. So I'm reading the fsm and it only describes testing the sender via light. Is there a way to test my senders with a meter? Is there something...
  5. 71cruiser71

    Maybe an easy question about guages

    I have 12v to both guages, My fuel guage works. I will check ohms from the sensors
  6. 71cruiser71

    Transmission or Transfer Leak

    Just got my double seal speedo housing in today, here's the double seal. Just swap and send the whole core back
  7. 71cruiser71

    Would you pay $32K for this?

    Is this not considered a nice rig because it has a few things that aren't yearly specific?
  8. 71cruiser71

    Drivetrain decisions

    This is my dream setup
  9. 71cruiser71

    1972 F Engine Oil Pressure Regulator Gasket?

    The original one is a thin paper gasket. Could definitely make your own
  10. 71cruiser71

    What is the original solution for this? (FJ43 1970 w/ 2F)

    Fuel filter before the pump, and route the fuel line on the front of the valve cover behind the thermostat
  11. 71cruiser71

    4-year Power Window Project (nearing completion)

    Interested to see more details and parts used. For both style doors!
  12. 71cruiser71

    72' EVAP Delete/Tuning

    Is it vacuum retard distributor?
  13. 71cruiser71

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Got an itch for some new seats. BMW E90 suspension leather all manual seats. Removed the side airbags
  14. 71cruiser71

    Dogs of MUD!

    Rescued from a kill shelter right before new years. So sad how many good dogs don't get love and attention they deserve. They estimated 5-7 years old and we named her Daisy-mae
  15. 71cruiser71

    craigslist front seats 1977 toyota landcruiser fj40 - $150 (Gardnerville)

    I'd love these but a little too far. I'm in the bay area
  16. 71cruiser71

    SOLD Rear swing up door striker

    Yes! That's it
  17. 71cruiser71

    Has anyone used a Weber adapter to use original Air Cleaner on a 2F engine?

    Many better options available now
  18. 71cruiser71

    Parting Out Walnut Creek, CA

    Gotta sell whole imo
  19. 71cruiser71

    SOLD Atlanta FJ40 FJ Land Cruiser PART OUT

    Inbox full. Looking for these circled in red and maybe the guage cluster if it works. And are those the original seat brackets?
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