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  1. BwardeAZ

    For Sale Rebuilt FJ60 / FJ40 Aisin Carb

    Who did the rebuild? shipping to 85713
  2. BwardeAZ

    FJ60 Wiper control relay

    shipping to 85713?
  3. BwardeAZ

    For Sale 84 FJ60 brown door panel set w/extras $50

    2nd in line if still up for sale PM sent
  4. BwardeAZ

    Brand New Spector FJ60 Brown carpet kit

    2nd in line interested
  5. BwardeAZ

    FJ60 parts MA

    Sent email about the drivers tail light I'll take it if it is still for sale. Thanks
  6. BwardeAZ

    Wet Okole Covers for FJ60

    If these were tan and brown I would be all over it. Bump... for nice set
  7. BwardeAZ

    Cleaning out the shop - 60 series

    Hi, looking for a working drivers side window regulator. shipped to 85713
  8. BwardeAZ

    60 Engine Parts Plus...

    If the carb sale falls through seconds please
  9. BwardeAZ

    2F carb/York & bracket/40 cluster/80 birf---TN

    Seconds on the carb if it falls through... Thanks
  10. BwardeAZ

    "New" JimC FJ60 Ignition

    Left a message for Jim today. Don't wait on me if someone wants it make the deal. I'm willing I just don't think it will work. I would really prefer to keep the smog on it since I purchased all OEM. And I've never had an issue with emissions. I wish it was a stock set up rebuilt then no issues..
  11. BwardeAZ

    "New" JimC FJ60 Ignition

    Still interested I just got back to a computer I would be interested in the whole kit as well. I'll call Jim tomorrow. I pm'ed you my number if you need it Thanks
  12. BwardeAZ

    "New" JimC FJ60 Ignition

    Interested. I don't have a desmoged truck any ideas of what kind of issues I might have? Or can it even be used for my truck.
  13. BwardeAZ

    Weber 38DGAS -- Very little use $300

    Interested PM sent.
  14. BwardeAZ

    Stock Carb - 2F

    Is this thing gone? It just so happens my carb I thought was close to rebuild time started leaking fuel. So now I really need this. If it's gone and anyone else has a lead to one in similar condition and price let me know. If rebuilt I would prefer if Jim or Mark's name were in on the rebuild...
  15. BwardeAZ

    fj 60 parts

    Hi I'm looking for a Drivers side window regulator and starter. Thanks, Brian
  16. BwardeAZ

    Stock Carb - 2F

    Interested pm'ed as well. PM's were full so I'm interested if it is still for sale.. any chance of pics, receipt from dan and why are you selling it? If it is as advertised I'll take it. Just let me know were and how to get you the payment. Thanks, Brian 52zero-8zero8-six139
  17. BwardeAZ

    Wanted FJ60 Drivers side window regulator

    FJ60 Drivers side window regulator <----------- just in case you missed the title O one that works i already have a broken one and on the cheap hopefully :) shipping to 85713 Thanks
  18. BwardeAZ

    2f Carburetor

    I would like some pics to (briwarde at gmail dot com). Is this the first carb you have rebuilt? Thanks B
  19. BwardeAZ

    Wanted **Wanted Co2 Tank Parts**

    I'm Making a CO2 set up. I have the tank just looking to see if anyone has parts. I'd like the HyFlow adjustable Regulator, Rock guard or anything that might help in the project. PM or email Thanks
  20. BwardeAZ

    Aussie front locker, Parting out other axle goodies

    That is correct I have them in mine. Same front and rear.
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