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  1. rgsiii

    Dealer buffed my FJ to death.

    I agree with Jay. I would be very upset.
  2. rgsiii

    Trail Team does Lionsback-Video!

    I was surprised that a FJ Cruiser could do that well.
  3. rgsiii

    FJ vs V8 4Runner

    I don't know how upgraded your 4Runner would be--a fully loaded one has essentially everything a LC 100 series would have and be a bit smaller. I actually liked the looks and feel of them more than a new LC. I would go it before a FJC, if I understand your needs correctly.
  4. rgsiii

    Fj Mpg

    My impression is that one reason you don't want to run it until empty, is due to the accumulation of crud that could settle in the tank. On diesel vehicles, it is a royal pain to resart after running out of fuel.
  5. rgsiii

    First Impressions

    I got to drive one yesterday. It was a 2wd automatic that was pretty well loaded. The vehicle looked ok on the outside, some of the plastic items seem to be asking to get knocked off. The driver seat is a little difficult to adjust. The gauges were easy to see and the various adjustments...
  6. rgsiii

    Who has seen thr FJ in person ?

    Could you describe the mirror system in the FJ Cruiser that you saw? I was not able to get close enough to evaluate it. Does it have the "Obects in mirror are closer than they appear" warning for the entire mirror? Were you able to drive it? How was the mirror position adjusted? Did you see...
  7. rgsiii

    Who has seen thr FJ in person ?

    I have mixed feelings. My biggest concern is what appears to be poor visibility. I was not able to drive it.
  8. rgsiii

    PA Dealer Advertises MSRP

    I would not pay over MSRP.
  9. rgsiii

    FREE FJ Cruiser cap....

    I am in..
  10. rgsiii

    Will your FJC be a Daily Driver or Weekend Toy?

    Likely it will be a daily driver. My son is off at school and since he is a menace to himself, he needed airbags and the Sequoia. My Toyota dealer had a "Grand Reopening" today and apparently the people from Toyota said the FJ Cruiser will be out in March.
  11. rgsiii

    Expeditions West Pics w/ ARB front bumper

    This is his site:
  12. rgsiii

    Four Wheeler Mag speculates that FJ will have KDDS

    Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) Apparently it is on the Lexus GX470. I am not sure about what else. Here is a link:
  13. rgsiii

    release date

    I heard January 2006. It seems like a very optimistic date.
  14. rgsiii

    But who among you will sell off your current cruiser to get the FJ Cruiser?

    I would likely give it a while to see how they look and what the response to them is among the owners. I would be tempted to sell my BJ42 if the FJ Cruiser is a good vehicle. The lack of AC makes the BJ uncomfortable to use for a good bit of the year in the deep South.
  15. rgsiii

    Anyone put down a deposit yet?

    Currently, there is very little information at my local dealership. A sales person cave me a little information that they recieved and nobody else has said a word about anything new. The dealership is pretty small with low sales. I was told that up to this point they have sold one RAV4...
  16. rgsiii

    More 2007 FJ pics from 4x4 Review

    I had not seen interior pictures before. If this is the final revision of the interior, it doesn't do much for me. It seems like they have taken the worst from the old art deco'd it and made it into this. I will not make a final decision until the FJ Cruiser is out. I really want to like...
  17. rgsiii

    FJ in 4Wheel mag

    I agree with your comments on letting its performance determine our opinions.
  18. rgsiii

    FJ in 4Wheel mag

    In the article it says the tires will be 265x70x17. Didn't the original release say something about a larger tire (33" or something close)?
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