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    Vortec 5.3l fuel economy

    Kick ass setup! That is a fantastic combo.... If you go on ls1tech or corvetteforums and buy a used '01-02 Z06 cam for under ($100), install upgraded springs ($100), and get a retune ($200-400) that engine should make an easy 375hp if not more with headers. You won't loose any low end torque...
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    2F weight? Free to sign up and I have shipped thru them a few times now with great success. They are by far the cheapest as they are a broker. Even cheaper than Forward Air who I used in the past exclusively.
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    The White Ghost gets a second chance

    Great 5.3i build up guys! I would love a report on the gas mileage cruising at a steady 70mph. BTW- stock GM LSx wires are good for well over 650hp ;) For the guy wanting to do a mid 90's ZR-1 engine conversion.... waste of effort IMO. They are more complex (4 valves per cyl), their parts...
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    Stolen! FJ60 - San Francisco - 11/2 - Help!

    Good to hear you got your rig back in one piece and basically undamaged. I would crap if my old FJ60 was stolen. I use a brake lock always. Too many little thieves/punks in SF.
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    Project '84 FJ60: aka Mr. Hanky

    a picture of it that works:
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    Catalytic Converters for V8 Swap

    Go to for the scoop.... however a general rule of thumb with CA engine swaps is that as long as the engine is the same year or NEWER than the chassis it is going into..... and retains all of the "new" engine emissions controls it will be fine.
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    LS1 conversions help

    Of note: A stock LS1 with LS6 intake, ported TB, headers, good exhaust will make nearly 300 flywheel torque at 2K RPM. If you have the $$ for a 5.3/6.0 or LS1 (all alum) go for it. The factory heads flow nearly 250cfm and with simple bolts ons (headers etc) you can get some pretty...
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    4L80E in a 60?

    You need an external transmission controller for that 4L80E as it is electronically shifted. Think of it as a TH400 with overdrive and a lockup torque convertor. They are very heavy duty and guys are pushing 1000rwhp+ thru them without failure. They will suck up about 30hp to run due to...
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    Swapping in a 700R behind my small block

    that picture of the tranny on the table in your apartment is worth a thousand words! Classic man... just classic. Luckily my apartment has a garage... but I have some car parts in my room (that are clean). Wonder why I always have a new chick every 6 months? :grinpimp:
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    LS1 conversions help is a good resource for finding a truck LSx complete motor. FYI- Truck '99+ 5.3 and 6.0 LSx style engines are iron blocks/alum heads. They have the same computers that can be reprogrammed and individual coil pack per cylinder, very efficient cylinder head design, and...
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    42's On A 60

    It looks pretty crazy..... I agree "that some of the best work occurs between 10pm-3am."
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    What can I do to increase GAS mileage.

    10mpg in town and 12mpg on the highway going an indicated 55mph (really about 65mph). 33's and 2.5" lift and no roof rack. FJ60 (non EFI and no overdrive) with 135K on the clock. I haven't given it a tune up in nearly 15K miles... probably time. 4500lb bricks just don't get good gas mileage...
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    sieben und dreisig

    Do you need to do any fender mods to get those 37's to work under articulation? Aside from going SOA do you have a lift as well or just shackles? Looks mean. Is that the stock 3FE powering it?
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    FJ60 p/s pump replacement- 5 hrs of hell... but worth it!

    SSHhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeit! I guess there is a reason why I have a repair manual on the shelf. Next time I'll use the damn thing to read about what fluid it calls for. Time to get dirty again... or just wait as it leaks from the p/s box anyway and over time it will change itself. I...
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    FJ60 p/s pump replacement- 5 hrs of hell... but worth it!

    I'm writing this thread to simply thank the stars for aligning and me not losing my sanity while changing out the p/s pump yesterday. Life of a truck near the beach..... My 2F has always been a squeaky machine and I felt the alternator and p/s pump were getting affected by the salt air. The...
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    She's Cummin' along nicely

    Looks good in the dark ;p . Can we have a picture of the completed engine bay with GOOD LIGHTING? I'm surprised you didn't do a 3.5" or 4" single exhaust. That is one of the first upgrades people do to their diesel trucks.
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    $8000 to spend on a 60....what would you do?

    I agree to get the job 1st and then spend the $$$. At 26 $8K may sound like a lot of money.... but without a job it goes fast. Job hunt first before spending any big amount.
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    $8000 to spend on a 60....what would you do?

    I would do an OME 2.5" lift/35's/extended shackles $2200, stock gears, ARB rear, '99+ 6.0 GM/NV4500/AA kit to stock FJ60 split case conversion.... If you can do the install yourself... shopped around ( you could do it for about $8K. That would be a pretty bad ass ride with...
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    News! FJ62 Top speed!

    I have been about 175mph+ in my LS1/T56/RX-7 bouncing of the rev limiter (7100rpm) in 5th (285/30/18 tires/3:90 gears/.75 5th gear). 25mpg+ going 75mph+@2000rpm in 6th on the highway. I think I've only gone about 85mph downhill in my FJ60. I feared the connecting rods flying out the side of...
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    p/s pulley wobbly when running and crazy noise!

    This week more noises from under the hood of my FJ60 seemed to have crept up aside from my usual squeaky belts and alternator chirping. Looks now like the p/s pump pulley when running is very wobbly (bearing shot?) and is making a wild noise at idle and all speeds. I assume it is on its way to...
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