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  1. neatus

    Coolant Drain Plug

    Hey Mudders, I sold the 80. I have been home sick and have had time to go through some of my video files. Most of them suck, but....I will just put together anything that makes sense to help anyone out. Most of the stuff is pretty simple but if it can help someone then I will post it here...
  2. neatus

    Stuck Rear Door Panel Removal

    A while back my rear drivers door latch spring broke and no matter how many ways I tried I could not get the door open. I finally after a couple months decided to take the rear door panel off from the inside of the truck at the risk of breaking it. I made a short (crappy) cell phone video of...
  3. neatus

    DS brake light turns of when brakes applied

    When my lights are off my brake lights function normally. When I turn my lights on and press the brake pedal the driver side brake light turns off. Any ideas? I am not sure how long this has been going on. I did replace the factory trailer wiring harness last September. I can't think of...
  4. neatus

    Fj80 Knuckle rebuild kits

    How would I know if I need to rebuild my knuckles? What are the symptoms?
  5. neatus

    Control Arm Drop Brackets???

    I have castor plates as inkpot suggested and have been very happy with them and my OME J Spring lift.
  6. neatus

    In Klamath Falls any trail runs?

    Does it start from Grants Pass? We may be able to make it. If I can acquire a tent and any free seats. I happen to be in Grants Pass right now and wouldn't mind coming back.
  7. neatus

    In Klamath Falls any trail runs?

    Hi folks. Visiting Southern Oregon for about three weeks from Arizona. I was wondering if any of you nearby have any trips planned and if so do you have any empty seats to take a few of us along? ( We flew here so I don't have my FZJ80. Anyway, just a shot in the dark. If there are no runs...
  8. neatus

    CSC members map

    That is cool. Done.
  9. neatus

    losing brake

    Yes, check the vacuum line to the booster first.
  10. neatus

    Builds The official Boost build thread

    Dayum! That is some heavy metal. That front bumper is going to be stout! Great build thread!
  11. neatus

    DIY Vinyl Hood Wrap Project

    Sorry it didn't turn out right.
  12. neatus

    To snorkel or not.

    Yeah, so I think everyone in this thread should just get one if they don't have it already. I'm gonna!
  13. neatus

    Electric Seat Problems

    Thanks for the helpful tips Inkpot. I will use them should I ever do this job again.
  14. neatus

    Electric Seat Problems

    I believe with it in everything is locked together. When you turn the rod for one side of the seat it will bind. With it out you can turn each rod independently until you get the seat aligned/straight, i.e. all the way forward or back. Then put the cap in to lock them together. I haven't...
  15. neatus

    Electric Seat Problems

    It sounds like you are misaligned. You can take a pair of pliers and turn the long screw/rod that pushes the seat forward and back. Do this on both sides until the seat is all the way forward while the cap is out. Once all the way forward and both sides are even screw the cap in. This is...
  16. neatus

    Builds 1995 80 Series Land Cruiser Build Thread - "Red"

    Will you be wheeling in very rocky terrain? If so steel is probably a good investment. Looks wise there are so many good looking alloys.
  17. neatus

    DIY Vinyl Hood Wrap Project

    Sunday night is coming quick. Pics!
  18. neatus

    Clogged catalytic converter... options?

    I have this issue to. My heat shielding under the vehicle looks like it is in good condition but man the floor gets extremely hot.
  19. neatus

    Brake Booster Failure.......................Confirmation, Please?

    Definitely a brake booster issue. If your lines are good I would replace it. That is a no bueno issue.
  20. neatus

    My Auto Anything problem

    Just leave the old shocks on until the new ones come. As mentioned above. If you aren't going off-road anytime soon it should be fine. It should ride about the same. If your springs are heavier weight than the stock ones the ride is going to be more stiff anyway and the shocks aren't going...
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