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  1. bowyer2002

    Tall skinnies on 2006 tacoma

    I ran Cooper STs for about 8yrs & 140K miles, with a very similar lift, and never had a rubbing issue, even with mild offroading. I cannot comment on tire chains though - but the Cooper's were severe weather rated, if that helps.
  2. bowyer2002

    1st. Gen Tacoma Buyers Guide

    Great guidance information for a buyer!
  3. bowyer2002

    '01 Tacoma dripping front diff breather hose

    Have you considered that driving over the overpass caused a pressure change inside the diff? As your elevation increases the pressure inside the diff could increase. Just a thought.
  4. bowyer2002

    Tacoma seat covers

    Wet Okole - had a pair for about 4 yrs, nice and water proof, held up fine but were HOT in the summer. I'm looking currently at some Cabelas has. But just my .02 on the Okoles.
  5. bowyer2002

    looking to buy a 2004 tacoma

    that is a lot of miles - as I have only 165K on my '01
  6. bowyer2002

    O1 Tacoma Wheel Question

    flatland - you know my truck set up with skinny tires so, would the tires rub my a-arms or should I just measure my existing set up and see if I have enough clearance - i may have just answered my own question :idea: still what are your thoughts?
  7. bowyer2002

    P0420 code on '01 tacoma v6

    I had Autozone turn off the CEL and it hasn't come back on after several tanks of fuel. I will clean the MAF this weekend as it's never been done.... I am keeping my fingers crossed that the CEL stays off since CATS are expensive! When it comes on again, I'll change out the O2 sensors...
  8. bowyer2002

    P0420 code on '01 tacoma v6

    A few days ago my CEL came on. Took it to Autozone and got the code, but not specific on the solution or problem. 153K well maintained miles. AND today I was slowing down to turn off the highway and my truck stalled, I pulled over and after a few attempts and with the accellerator depressed it...
  9. bowyer2002

    is toyota tacoma prone to surface rust

    01 DBL cab owned here, and no rust to the extent you're describing.
  10. bowyer2002

    Toyota Tacoma Locker Situation

    Hilux has some points - if your diff is already apart, install a locker while you're there - or you'll most likely be doing it later anyway. The winch is like a seatbelt, there when you need it and as WARN winches advertises to "go prepared". I have only used my winch 2x since it was...
  11. bowyer2002

    Toyota Tacoma Locker Situation

    The winch can get you thru or over what the locker wouldn't or couldn't. Also the winch can help others that may get in a situation or move a tree out of the trail. I think the winch is more versatile. Just my .02 which is to say I don't do expeditions but I have the luxury of both the...
  12. bowyer2002

    Toyota Tacoma Locker Situation

    I have the TRD with the rear e-locker and it can make a HUGE difference in traction. For expedition, I'd be sure to have a winch too.
  13. bowyer2002

    tacoma 01-04 suggestions

    I have had my '01 Double Cab 4x4 TRD since new and have 150K on it. Be sure the timing belt & water pump have been changed on anything with over 90K miles - if not, then that is a point to bargain with. (get a manual, basic tools, look around here and do it yourself, about a :banana::banana...
  14. bowyer2002

    ROTM- Spaldam's 2000 Tacoma [re-]Build

    Keep the info coming - always interested in what others are doing to their trucks! :beer:
  15. bowyer2002

    1996 Tacoma 4x4 build

    Ditch the cobbled together coil spring spacers ASAP! I built mine after seeing Cornfed spacers - just shop around a little for some manufactured ones, you'll be happy and they're pretty inexpensive. AND keep us posted with the other mods!
  16. bowyer2002

    best location for cb mount on tacoma

    You could use a pistol to "drill" thru your roof and mount it there.:D I remember my dad doing that to his pickup back in the '70s. Otherwise, I can't help here...Good luck!
  17. bowyer2002

    brake pad shims, anti rattle spring on tacoma??

    you reuse the shim, that is all that is reused- put the new pads in, 2 pins and their retainer spring & your done.
  18. bowyer2002

    tacoma camper shell, what other models work?

    What yr is your tacoma and is it a single, extended, or double cab?
  19. bowyer2002

    Stock height for 01 tacoma dbl cab?

    UPDATE - Shop was NOT able to get it un-stuck, so now it's up to me to work on it! :mad: Oh, well I get more time in the garage - now that it is 100F with the heat index! maybe some :beer: will help me work thru this?:hillbilly:
  20. bowyer2002

    Stock height for 01 tacoma dbl cab?

    Thanks for the suggestion I had already sprayed it for 2 days. It is really seized - my friend owns the shop I'm taking it to so I know they'll take care of it. Also they specialize in tractor trailers and farm machinery - so I KNOW they can get things un-stuck! :D BTW - I also noticed that...
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