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  1. G_Stratton

    How many FJ40s are represented by MUD?

    #646 1965, I don't daily drive it. But I do have fun with it. :)
  2. G_Stratton

    SM 420 or Dana 18 Speedometer...anyone have ideas converting dash to use either?

    I am running an SM420 connected to a Dana18. The stock speedo cable came in about 10 inches to short after everything was installed. I changed everything out for new gauges and used the electroning pickup, removing the cable altogether.
  3. G_Stratton

    Is a 60 mph speedometer useable on a 40?

    I used the Arctic White gauges from Auto Meter, and I like the look. The speedometer does go to 120 mph which is excessive for a FJ40, but I do drive mine at 60+ mph at times. One thing I did do was to ditch the mechanical cable in favor of electric pulse input. The biggest advantage of that...
  4. G_Stratton

    Frame Rivet Removal - Best Method

    Grind and pound worked the best for me. Just took a much bigger hamer then I thought it would.
  5. G_Stratton

    Parking Brake Solutions?

    I have a line lock in my break line. This isn’t an emergency break solution, but it works for parking on the trail with the motor running. I don’t use it for extended parking times either. But it holds great, when I need to hop out and do something, and I hop back in again.
  6. G_Stratton

    Would new springs help?

    When I bought my 65 it had add a leafs and the shackles were straight up and down. The ride was terrible and driving rutted roads was downright scary. I did as has been suggested earlier, and replaced the stock springs with new lift springs. I went with the soft ride skyjackers. Ride comfort and...
  7. G_Stratton

    rear seat

    I sold mine many years ago and now I wish I had them back. So I would definitely keep them, unless like the others have said, that they really get in the way.
  8. G_Stratton

    FJ40 w/ Aussie fit 45 FF?

    I put Aussie lockers in the the front and rear of my cruiser and I don't remember any difference between the two lockers. I just orderd two and put them in and never looked back.
  9. G_Stratton

    Shaving SM420 fins for more driveline clearance (how much is safe)

    m Could be - I remember going form a stupid small size to a joint that was comparable to stock Toyota size. I'll get pictures this weekend.
  10. G_Stratton

    Shaving SM420 fins for more driveline clearance (how much is safe)

    I used this same setup SM420 adapted to a Dana18. The original U-joints off of the Dana18 were the small 1410 joints. I upgraded to the 1910 joints and ended up with a clearance problem where the piece holding the U-joint would tap the side of the transmission. What I did to solve this was...
  11. G_Stratton

    Fun in the Woods :)

    e rock - thanks for they help. We ran Sack up, Cable Line, some trail in to the Rock Garden and then out to the Index Wall. I can tell you the last picture was taken coming back out from the Index Wall. I have no clue on the other 2. theo - no it wans't airborn there is a rock on the far side...
  12. G_Stratton

    Fun in the Woods :)

    Any ideas as to why I'm seeing them in the post and no one else is? I used the code along with the link from the pictures? Pictures are stored at Picasa...
  13. G_Stratton

    Fun in the Woods :)

    I see the pictures??? wonder what the problem is?
  14. G_Stratton

    Fun in the Woods :)

    Just thought I would post up some fun I had last Saturday :) All the fun took place at Reiter Trail - an ORV park on DNR land next to Gold Bar WA. It was good to get the cruiser out of the driveway :grinpimp:
  15. G_Stratton

    Post your pics of your clean daily driven FJ40's

    My Cruiser isn't the cleanest but it drives really nice down the road.
  16. G_Stratton

    Builds My FJ40 Project (Twisted Cruiser)

    I installed an IFS box on my 40 and posted it here on MUD. And it works great! flozano - your FJ40 is an inspiration. I like the look of it on 38's. I'm looking to move up from 35's and pics of your rig on 38's is the way I want to go.
  17. G_Stratton

    Major mods - were they worth it?

    I did some major modifications to my 65 FJ40... As crazy as it sounds, what I gained was the fun of working on and modifying my Cruiser.
  18. G_Stratton

    New Gauge Cluster

    Those are sweet. I'm not unhappy with the one I made. If my cruiser was more show then trail I would definitely get one for the cleaner look.
  19. G_Stratton

    New Gauge Cluster

    Nice - I see your running dual fuel tanks.
  20. G_Stratton

    New Gauge Cluster

    As you can see from the picture with the wiring in it, this speedo doesn't use a cable. It uses a sending unit that attaches where the cable would normally on the transfer case. You then run a wire up to the speedometer and as I stated before, you can then program the speedometer to match your...
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