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  1. 1990 LJ78

    FJ Cruiser for hard offroading

    Closing 110,000k I'm closing 110,000 k on my FJC. I wheel a bit but not as much as I would like too.. (no Time) Issues to date. A broken brake spring & a broken windshiels thanks to a passing car throwing a stone. Has 3" lift and run Dyna pro MT's. This truck is an 07.. I take it every where...
  2. 1990 LJ78

    Trailer Wiring Harness Question

    Do check every thing. I've heard of this before but never heard the remedy to the fix. I decided when I got a trailer to pull behind my FJ I'd have the dealer do it. For $125.00 I have a perfectly functioning harness with no issues. It only took them 45 minutes. If you find the fix please post...
  3. 1990 LJ78

    CB installation

    Get your Ham Radio Ticket. Bigger selection of radio gear and lots of different mounting options. In the long run if you do not you will wish you had..;)
  4. 1990 LJ78

    How many miles do you have on your FJC

    2007 FJ Cruiser 88,000kms = 54,680miles and climbing:)
  5. 1990 LJ78

    2 x Prado for Sale at Toyota Dealer

    Nexus_8 That dealer brings them over from BC every so often. That is where I traded my LJ78 in just this last June. I am now Land Cruiserless..BUT I do have an Old Jeep:grinpimp: to get me around did the 1990 have around 89000k on it?
  6. 1990 LJ78

    The Enevidable Has happened.

    Thanks Wayne. It has been a blast here.:D I'm sure my wife will love the Rav 4 Limited she is getting tomorrow. Cheers.
  7. 1990 LJ78

    The Enevidable Has happened.

    It had to happen sooner or later. NO not a blown head or gasket. My babe has been traded in.:crybaby: I will no longer be the proud owner of a 1990 Toyota Prado.:crybaby: It has been a blast here over the last few years.:) I've learned a heck of a lot about the vehicle, more than any other I...
  8. 1990 LJ78

    Radiator replacement for LJ78 Prado

    I had mine fixed shortly after I bought my truck. a few years ago. Same kind of weapy leaking. I had mine recored. While they were at it I asked them to add another row of core over and above what the original rad had.. Which they did. Rad has been solid ever since the recore. Hope that...
  9. 1990 LJ78

    Where do all the RHD live in Ontario

    Hey Wayne.. When did you move ? I thought you were still out West Buddy.. Rich
  10. 1990 LJ78

    Ecu Pin Out

    The sensor is on the block above and sorta behind the starter. It is not the one on the thermostate housing. That would have been an easy fix. I have already fixed my problem ages ago,, check the posts.:hhmm:
  11. 1990 LJ78

    Ecu Pin Out

    Yes Rummat81.. Thanks so much I have it already printed out.. err ah... long ago.. Tells the pin outs. I finally just used that pin out to locate wires in the harnes. I'm still using this set up -- It reminds me of a choke from the old days.. Regards
  12. 1990 LJ78

    LJ78 6 inch lift with rear custom 3 link

    Great job ... Pradocruzer Shows what can be done to our Prados.. Lift wise.. I also like the info on comparison of spring heights. My Prado is starting the famous lean.. to the right.. :) Will have to fix that soon too I guess. Closing 90,000Kms too almost time for belts etc.. Regards
  13. 1990 LJ78

    TRANY Fill / Check Tube

    Well.. I just ordered a new one.. So all will be good when it gets here.. Thanks for sharing your fix pradocruiser. I'm wondering if it is a common failure on trucks of our vintage..
  14. 1990 LJ78

    TRANY Fill / Check Tube

    Well this is unusual. I think?? I was looking under the hood of the Prado the other day and went to check the trany fluid. Grabed the stick pulled on it the stick came up along with part of the tubing that holds it..:crybaby: Looks like it broke just at the bracket that is bolted to the engine...
  15. 1990 LJ78

    lj78 retrofit radiator

    prato t Do you have a picture of the breather that blows oil into the turbo ? I'd like to have a look at mine. But not sure which hose. Regards
  16. 1990 LJ78

    EVANS COOLANT??? Any experience with this?

    So where in Ontario Canada can a fellow buy this stuff? I have never seen any advertizing for this product where I live.
  17. 1990 LJ78

    EVANS COOLANT??? Any experience with this?

    What I'm looking at is the steam that could be generated in the head. With the Evan coolant maybe it wouldn't happen as it won't boil till 375 degrees or somewhere near there. Which suggests to me it would carry the heat from the head better to the rad than a water based coolant. Just what I'm...
  18. 1990 LJ78

    lj78 retrofit radiator

    Woow that rad work was about June 06 And was close to $750.00 if I'm remembering correctly. That also included pulling it out and putting it back in with coolant I figured if I just recored it It was already the right size to fit back in and that it would be just a bit thicker with the extra...
  19. 1990 LJ78

    Ecu Pin Out

    Hey Prado-kirk All I can tell you is my experience. The THW sensor was my issue. This was figured out by procces of elimination over months of testing sensors etc.. I tested this sensor and it showed shorted with next to no movement on the ohm meter as the motor heated up. Cold the...
  20. 1990 LJ78

    EVANS COOLANT??? Any experience with this?

    I'd also like to know more. But just try to find a dealer.. Regards:D
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