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    Marlin Crawler 25mm steering pin upgrade.

    My buddy has these for sale. I think it seems like the most bullet proof upgrade as there is nothing to fail. Shameless plug below
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    For Sale Seattle, WA - 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser 3X Locked FZJ80

    hi there any pics of undercarriage? thnx
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    Another LS Swap: L92 & 6l80e into a '94 LC

    I was going to binge read this and you left me high and dry... Excited to see coming posts.
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    For Sale FJ60 Stockton CA no engine,trans or Tcase.

    I'm interested could you reach out when you have a free moment. I am going to leave you a dm
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    SOLD Seattle: 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 $19k

    Hey there sent message. Very interested in rig, Please let me know if its still available. Thank you
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    Hilux My diesel 4 door '86 LN65 Hilux progress and upgrades!

    Such an awesome rig. Excited to see the updates
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    Builds 86 Xtra Cab Build (4Wheelunderground 3 link front, 4 link rear and 3.4 swap)

    Can't imagine it being a problem considering how much beefier they are than stock still.
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    Builds 86 Xtra Cab Build (4Wheelunderground 3 link front, 4 link rear and 3.4 swap)

    How are you going to fasten the 2x4s to the frame. Please prime the first so they don't rot.... On a more serious note amazing how fast you move. Makes me want to get out there in my garage and do something. Looking good.
  9. B2D6C2CF-3679-4ACA-9227-9C18FE2BE541.jpeg


    Purchase day
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    Hilux '84 turbo truck on portals

    Probably a stupid question but what do you do on the rear axle? I assume no portals? Never seen anything like this. Thanks
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    Hilux '84 turbo truck on portals

    This is so awesome. Going to be watching intently
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    Early toyotas with late model OEM wheels

    Thank you. I'm going to take my time and make sure I won't run into problems. Well at least that's the plan. Lol
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    Early toyotas with late model OEM wheels

    Hoping to get some help here please. I have an 85 4runner and looking at possibly doing the icon rebel pros that are 17" with 4.75" back space. My rig has a pretty substantial lift and currently runs 35s on 15" steelies( not sure of any of the specs). Does anyone know if I can make these...
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    Builds The LF40 Wheeler Build - Twin Turbo & 8 Speed Auto FJ40

    So much room for activities... Why did you let us do
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    Roll Call: 40's in the SF Bay Area

    Super close to buying one right now. Just trying to get the wifey and seller to come close enough price to allow me to purchase. Lol. I'm in San Mateo as well. Really hope it happens.
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