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    Selling my 98' 100 for a 2012 trail teams fj?

    as much as i hated to, i just sold my '99 LC. Best car i've ever owned. It was just too much trouble to maintain 4 vehicles. Any home owner need a pickup so I have a '11 tacoma. the wife hates it so she bought a '12 FJ. We fight over who gets to drive it. More fun to drive than the LC and...
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    Looking to buy a Fj cruiser.

    haven't had the opportunity to do much off-road with my wife's 2012 yet, but as a daily driver it is excellent. Excellent handling but only moderate mileage and too small a gas tank. visibility isn't as bad as the reputation it has for that. If no one rides in back, remove rear headrests. lots...
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    Sold the cruiser

    I regretfully sold the cruiser today after 11years. Best car I ever owned. Just couldn't justify keeping it with 3 other cars. I will stay on the forum because of the FJ. I will say this forum has been of immeasurable help to me maintaining my cruiser.
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    Gas Mileage With and Without Roof Rack

    i can't imagine the oem roof rack alone would make more than .2-.3mpg difference unless you were running around 80 all the time. And if you're doing that, you aren't worried about mileage.
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    Airing down with Michelins LTX MS???

    i've used 33psi since the get go. has worked fine for me in all situations, so far.
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    Just had timing belt done after 10 yrs/67k miles

    that's about how mine looked at 118K miles.
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    Lumbar adjuster (Drivers seat) has stopped functioning

    when i depress my lumbar switch, it blows the $6.00 20 amp fuse disabling the windows, seats, etc. Probably frayed wires or something so I just leave it alone. Been that way for 10 years.
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    Differences between 100 series and FJ Cruiser

    my wife just bought a '12 FJ and loves it. She prefers it over her SC430 and my '99 LC. I like it more every time i drive it, too. As agile as the LC and the visibility isn't as bad as everyone says if you take the rear headrests out. We keep them in a tote in the back. My only real complaint is...
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    Brake Rotors (Turning and other questions)?

    front rotors are a little labor intensive. rears are easy. however, you would be well served to do them yourself. dealer will crucify you on labor. find a friend who has the mechanical aptitude and get a fsm.
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    Gauging interest from the Long Leggers here

    i have 36" inseam but have plenty room in the LC. Oddly enough, I have even more legroom in my '11 tacoma. I didn't have enough in either my '04 or '10 Tundra.
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    Twitching PS mirror

    the glass on my DS has twitched since i got the car. i've learned to ignore it.
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    What spare parts to carry

    jesus! might as well just bring a spare new cruiser along in tow.
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    Brake Rotors

    Brembo, no slotted or grooved or any frills.
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    New to me, 2000 with 60,000 miles

    be surprised if the dealer(if that's where you're taking it) will just do new clamps.
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    Weak Start up, is it the AZ Dry Heat?

    in '80, the heat here in texas killed the batteries in both my cars. we had 69 days over 100 degrees back then...before the term "global warming" was coined.
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    my 98, no power window, no sunroof, no power seat????

    I need to look at the wiring on mine. i just thought it was the switch, as it has blown twice and the only thing i could think of that i had done differently was depress the lumbar switch. I really didn't care as the lumbar adjustment wasn't a big thing.
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    my 98, no power window, no sunroof, no power seat????

    Mine has blown twice now so i keep a spare in the console. i think mine blows when i depress the lumbar switch on the seat back. don't want to test it though or it will cost me another $6.00 if i'm right.
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    Need a math wizard to check my math

    when you hear the exhaust and feel the increased power with the headers you will probably drive faster and invalidate the entire process, anyway.
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    de-weight fornt corner CLUNK

    my clunk was a defective front bilstein hd shock.
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    timing belt replacement

    maybe by years but i didn't replace the tb on my 99 until 118K and it still looked good. Still on the original WP at 160K.
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