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  1. EdsCruisin

    weight distribution hitch

    I have the airbags too (with the WD hitch). Problem is my driver's side air line keeps pulling out of the bag, probably when the suspension is articulated in day to day driving. Airbags are good for road towing, but unreliable for off-road articulation.
  2. EdsCruisin

    weight distribution hitch

    Reese High Performance. Easy to use and works like a charm. I tow about 6000 lb and it keeps the truck nice and level, and keeps the front end on the ground too for good control.
  3. EdsCruisin

    Trailer brake wiring?

    You said it was a home built trailer - you need to disassemble those brakes and see if they are really trailer axles and brakes. Makes all the difference in the world. You may also be able to see if there is a master cylinder on each wheel without taking anything apart. If there is then you...
  4. EdsCruisin

    Pop-up trailers?

    I would also recommend a Fleetwood. I have had 4 of them and was very happy with all. We went to RV shows and checked out others in campgrounds and found the Coleman/Fleetwood was the best quality overall. They also hold their value better, which can be a good sign of quality. Blue book...
  5. EdsCruisin

    Question about light duty trailer....

    We have insurance on ours in MD and it is something like $10 per year. Really, the auto insurance will cover just about everything, but to register here, you must declare the insurer as well, or pay a hefty "uninsured" fee.
  6. EdsCruisin

    rewiring dummie needs help

    Check out this handy guide from e-trailer:
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