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  1. Z()LTAN

    1HZ Performance - Turbo Boost/Fuel adjustment

    Mtq for the manifold. Get the intake manifold welded by someone.
  2. Z()LTAN

    1HZ Performance - Turbo Boost/Fuel adjustment

    Good idea with changing the turbo that was far too big. The 2871 will serve you well. I run a T3 off the shelf split pulse turbo manifold. If your 1hz has high kms already or its only got the 10mm pump a new 11mm 100s pump or a 12mm pump will show you massive gains. Open up the intake...
  3. Z()LTAN

    1HZ Performance - Turbo Boost/Fuel adjustment

    Hey bro, firstly remove those hiclones ;) You look to be severely underfueled. Don't worry about the rest of the numbers, just tune your fuel and boost to a point where ur happy. 550deg post. Drive it hard, if it's getting hot just increase the boost a few psi.
  4. Z()LTAN

    Purpose of gasket between master cylinder and booster

    That and it stops mud/water/moisture gettin to the push pin cavity and rusting it all out.
  5. Z()LTAN

    Hydro Assist Operation Question

    Hydro oil will take the easiest path, so that's into the box push the cylinder in the box and back to tank. That is until the box has bottomed out and now pushing the ram is easiest. The reason you had it moving 1 way but not the other before is pison reaction are differences...
  6. Z()LTAN

    70 Series Intercooler Debate

    Why hide the scoop? I grafted a Vdj scoop to the bonnet of my 75, massive and looks the part.
  7. Z()LTAN

    70 Series Intercooler Debate

    If it's air/air go front mount. If not, go a decent water/air.
  8. Z()LTAN

    The official 1HDT Intercooler thread

    My cooler cost me less than $800, biggest cost was the two bosch cobra pumps. ;)
  9. Z()LTAN

    The Official 1HZ/1HD-T/1HD-FT/1HD-FTE Clutch Upgrade

    Interested, although I run the 280mm. I could get a hdt flywheel so I can run a 300mm
  10. Z()LTAN

    The Official 1HZ/1HD-T/1HD-FT/1HD-FTE Clutch Upgrade

    My issues are only when changing between gears. I like the feel of the organic/ceramic combo clutch for offroad, just enough slip when moving from stationary so your not spitting your rock packing out. I need more clamp pressure I'd say, that 'should' decrease the 'take up' time. I smoked...
  11. Z()LTAN

    How much boost can 1HZ-T handle?

    Yep, still the Garrett. Once she grenades I'll get Graeme to build me a special grunter for it. I will have to sort out a better clutch too, this Isuzu hybrid still slips real bad if I power on too hard.
  12. Z()LTAN

    How much boost can 1HZ-T handle?

    Quick update, Just spent 2 weekends driving the Ute hard at Tuff Truck and a 4wd show doing jumps and speed tests. Running 40 psi the whole time :) The car is over 3t and runs 40" tyres but still gets to 100 in a few seconds and then goes airborne ;) Good fun
  13. Z()LTAN

    1HD-T Intake Manifold Modifications

    Never dynoed it with everything on there, i just tweak it and drive it. Yes the bonnet is pretty average, it was only supposed to be like that for testing but yeeah thats years ago now. You will see a new bonnet and color scheme within the next few weeks. Graeme, after TT lets talk. Both this...
  14. Z()LTAN

    1HD-T Intake Manifold Modifications

    I assumed it would have been grabbed off the web already but here it is anyway. I built this over 4 years ago, a few bits are different now. The core Building Welded Fitted out Rear intercooler rad Pumps
  15. Z()LTAN

    1HD-T Intake Manifold Modifications

    14 pages and not one mention of my intake/intercooler. How rude B-)
  16. Z()LTAN

    Twin Turbo 1HD-T!

    Interesting ;)
  17. Z()LTAN

    1HZ "Turbo" injectors

    The increased cracking pressure is to improve atomisation of the larger fuel charge in a turbo setup. It's achieved by shimming the injector pin spring. I doubt we are talking of much extra pressure, perhaps 100-200 psi. More than within the capabilities of the standard IP. The IP...
  18. Z()LTAN

    Operation SOA 75

    Haha thanks for posting that dude! Its driving, not done but driving haha!
  19. Z()LTAN

    hzj79 1hz EGR valve problem

    Your best bet is going to be to do what was suggested above, blank off the egr port on the manifold. And leave everything else. If you want to remove all the rest of it too, trace the vacation line back to its origin and plug it. Some sensors may need their wiring bridged to stop showing fault...
  20. Z()LTAN

    Toyota fuel sender ohm range

    Thanks mate but it's a 1997 HZJ75, I was hoping the senders were generalized.
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