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  1. FJX2000

    My YouTube Channel! - FJX2000 Productions

    Hey there everyone! For anyone who knows me, you know that I'm a moderator on the FJCruiserForums so I pretty much spend most of my time over there, but this past summer I made a series of various FJ Cruiser related YouTube videos on my channel that I figured I would share with you all here...
  2. FJX2000

    Just ran the Rubicon Trail in the FJ. Some thoughts

    Well this thread boosts my hopes and dreams! The Rubicon sounds so awesome but so daunting at the same time. But if ya'll were able to do it and only scraped on the skid plates and rock sliders and got out without any dents, that is reassuring! I have a pretty built rig and I'm sure I could do...
  3. FJX2000

    8.2" Rear Axle Upgrade

    Awesome thread! The only other person I've seen who upgraded their rear diff on an earlier model FJ was DebFJVT on the FJCruiserForums. And she had her rear diff sent in from Australia! Pretty awesome upgrade, especially since those rear axles had welded on structural supports from the factory...
  4. FJX2000

    Ivan Stewart Vinyl Wrap

    I want to find a way to do this to my white FJ Cruiser, but I did some investigative work and I found out some cool stuff. Here are the approximate dimensions of the stripes on the side of Ivan's classic Baja Trophy Truck: Yellow Stripe = ~7" wide Orange Stripe = ~11.25" wide Red Stripe =...
  5. FJX2000

    Tell Me About Your Roof Rack

    I am running a Baja Rack basket-style roof rack but totally wish I had the flat rack! I love the look of the flat racks way more but I have been able to personalize my Baja Rack by making it a custom "Cruiser Gear" rack. However if I were going to buy a new roof rack, I wouldn't get a Baja...
  6. FJX2000

    Lets see some pics of your FJ Cruisers

    Some recent shots!
  7. FJX2000

    Lets see some pics of your FJ Cruisers

    Some pictures from FJ Summit 2017
  8. FJX2000

    Front differential leak

    Could be one or the other I suppose. Make sure to tighten the bolts and see if that makes a difference. Are you certain it is coming from the front diff? One test is to wipe everything down so it is clean, but a light layer of baby powder on the surface of the diff, and let it sit overnight so...
  9. FJX2000

    School me on FJ Cruisers please

    I love mine! A lot of people hate on the little details but for me the only problems I foresee for some people is if they have kids, having car seats in the rear seat can be difficult. Also if you don't like the blind spots, get the little add-on mirrors they sell at local auto stores that have...
  10. FJX2000

    Lets see some pics of your FJ Cruisers

    FJ Summit XI Registration opens April 1st, just FYI
  11. FJX2000

    Ricochet Skids & DIY Crossmember

    Nice mods! Will definitely provide solid protection. Wish I could get a "tummy tuck" but that requires getting a different transfer case and all that.
  12. FJX2000

    Total Chaos 2+ Long travel ... what shocks King's or Fox's

    The LCNW bumper is a sick bumper! But even with a winch you wont have to worry about the weight as opposed to like and ARB bumper or something. For more on bumper weights and details check my thread out on the blue room, The NEW Complete Front Bumper Listing and Comparison Thread, UPDATED!!! -...
  13. FJ Summit X Group Shot

    FJ Summit X Group Shot

    In downtown Ouray, CO most of the FJ Cruisers of the FJ Summit event gather together after a weekend of wheeling for one of the most epic FJ Cruiser group shots ever! Taken this last summer at the 10th Annual FJ Summit or FJ Summit X as it was called.
  14. Utah Colors

    Utah Colors

    A quick pic I got of the good ol FJ Cruiser with some nice Utah Fall colors
  15. FJX2000

    Lets see some pics of your FJ Cruisers

    Some photos from this weekend of my 2008 Trail Teams Special Edition!
  16. FJX2000

    Toyota Trademarks FT-4X

    I hope it is something FJ related or at least 4x4 related...
  17. FJX2000

    What do you think? Worth powder coating?

    Plastic dipping is hit or miss it seems. Some people have successful experiences with it and others just have lots of peeling, especially on wheels. I feel the more durable and reliable option is powder coating but it would then be hard to change it later.
  18. FJX2000

    FJC Bumper Prototypes

    Nice bumper! If you want, I can add it to my complete front bumper comparison on the fjcruiserforums!
  19. FJX2000

    July 2013 Issue of FJC Magazine!

    Great issue!
  20. FJX2000

    Red Line Rear FJC link skids

    Saw these at the Summit! These things are stout!! And I love the idea of the decreased angle so it isn't as immediate as other brand's rear link skids
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