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    location of winch and fairlead on bumper

    This may be a dumb question, but I'm relatively unexperienced with winches and trying to decide on a bumper. It appears that with any of the shortbus or high clearance tube bumpers, the fairlead is quite a bit lower than pn the full size bumpers (arb bull bar, etc.) and at an angle. Should this...
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    black as stock color

    Does anyone know if there is such thing as factory black fj80s? I was under the impression there wasn't...
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    odd question

    Is it bad to remove caliper and pads when doing the front end and then put them back on with the same half used brake pads? (my current pads are gone, but I'm not ready to do my birfields yet, when I do my birfs in a few months it will be a waste of money if I can't use the same pads I just bought).
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    Post pics of your dog(s)with your 80!

    I love this thread
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    its official...

    80 rims rule It's amazing how much that runner looks to me just having the 80 rims on it.
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    97 Front Wheel Bearings

    My recomendation Is to give Cruiser Dan a call and just have him send you what you will need. You always get the correct part for the job, they are toyota parts, and at a better price than from any local dealer. With Napa or autozone (especially autozone), sometimes I end up getting everything...
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    97 axle stuff into a 94

    Can anyone confirm for me that front axle parts from a 97 will fit into the axle of a 94. Things such as birfields, etc. Thanks.
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    Steering column cover.

    wimpy posts Sorry, I meant to say I am NOW thoroughly convinced of reinforcing the posts with epoxy. Meaning, I think it's a sweet idea.
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    Steering column cover.

    Unbelievable! I was thinking of doing that exact thing with epoxy! I wondered if it would help at all since I don't wanna fork over another 70 bucks in a year. I'm not thoroughly convinced of the idea of reinforcing those wimpy little posts.
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    Steering column cover.

    Quick one for anyone who has replaced the problematic steering column cover. There are two main bolts that actually hold the upper and lower shells together. They are inserted into slots on the bottom shell and screw into plastic posts hanging down from the top half. However, the posts hanging...
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    Spark Plug Gap

    FSM or Haynes Always FSM before Haynes. I use my haynes as mostly just a compliment to my FSM in order to have another photo to reference, etc. However, when they conflict, the FSM always wins.
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    Spark Plug Gap

    successful I bought the denso K16R-Us, but I can't remember if I got them in one of my cruiser dan orders, or if I picked em up locally. Any rate, they were gapped quite a bit too small out of the box. I ended up with confidence I got them to .31 by using one of the coin looking gap tools.
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    Spark Plug Gap

    Where in the heck did any of you find a gauge that has .8 mm or .031 inch? No matter where I look they all go from .030 straight to .032.
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    Locking center console

    Does anyone know of any heavy duty locking replacement consoles made for the 80 series? Something that you could lock up valuables in when you leave the car and know that no one can get into it.
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    Builds ROTW - reffug

    head on collisions in landcruisers I too was told the same thing by responding officers, etc. after walking away with a slight bruise after being in a horrible head on collision in my fj40. It and the other car involved were completely totalled. I drive landcruisers now almost as much for...
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    Forum Members Lifts - For FAQ

    1. What lift Kit / components did you use? Include Spacers, if any.OME 2.5 Heavy 850/863, purchased from Slee.2. Why did you select that particular lift?Enough lift for most things, but still able to run it with very few modifications. Also wanted to be able to carry tons of gear, etc. without...
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    Front Axle Rebuild Lessons Learned/Questions

    spindle bushings Did any of you guys replace the spindle bushing while you did your front end? It seems most people I've talked to don't, but I have some pretty good clicking nowadays, so I'm debating if it might be worth the trouble of replacing those too while I'm at it.
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    ECU on a 94

    thanks guys, problem found Of course it ended up being the stupid switch was unplugged. I know what must've happened, not long ago I had a place put in a new stereo. When taking the dash off, they must've managed to unplug it most of the way, but just enough to still work. Then, upon hitting a...
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    ECU on a 94

    that's what I meant sorry, not the main ecu, but the one specifically for the diff locks.
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    ECU on a 94

    In regards to firt post It's for the the differential locks not working that I'm wanting to take a look at the ecu.
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