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    The definitive, "Found a good deal on CL" thread My bad.
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    The definitive, "Found a good deal on CL" thread

    It's mine. Free to someone here.
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    Any cheap cars for sale?

    I have a friend who's daughter just wreck the family car. They are on a budget and a super cool family. She's scared of CL for some reason too... Anyway, since this is a trustworthy group, I thought I would ask here. She didn't say a number, but I'm guessing around 2k.
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    4th Annual Christmas Appreciation from Camelback Toyota

    In for some Sequoia parts!
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    lost on the 4.7, could use some help

    If I'm already taking the heads in to get machined, is a port and polish worth the etra investment? I'm having a hard time finding an answer. 1uz heads are out because I can't afford the new pistons that I would have to buy.
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    lost on the 4.7, could use some help

    It's a head gasket. Now I'm debating how to make some lemonade. I'm researching 2uz with 1uz heads, pulling it and dropping in a 4.7 from an 05 which has some more power, 5.7 won't happen but would be sick.
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    Phoenix Area Tire Shop - for Tire Balance

    You could do bbs. That worked great for me.
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    lost on the 4.7, could use some help

    So my impression now is fuel pressure regulator. Any seconds?
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    lost on the 4.7, could use some help

    And there is fuel in the intake tube!?!?!?!
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    Your very first auto was a ......

    91 fj80. I bought it to flip, but ended up loving it far more than my Jeep that a friend had given me, so I traded up to it.
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    lost on the 4.7, could use some help

    I got it started, but it struggles to get started and struggles to stay running. The idle is SUPER low, and I'm getting vibrations when it's running. No white smoke out the tailpipe. ABS light and check engine light are both on.
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    I wish there were radiator bolts behind my headlights.

    I just did one in a sc300 and Sequoia. Both were pretty easy. I was surprised. A friend's scion's belts took longer than both of those. It's crazy with engineers will do to you.
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    lost on the 4.7, could use some help

    I'm thinking it could be the alarm too. I may pull it and see if that helps. Thanks Murf.
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    lost on the 4.7, could use some help

    So, I didn't overheat, but the radiator blew on the 04 Sequoia. The traction control and check engine light was on. The radiator had a bunch of brown goo on it too and there was some in it, assuming a stop leak type stuff. It sprayed the inside of the engine pretty good when it went, so I...
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    Tell me about Sequoias

    I went from an 80 to a Sequoia and love it. I've dealt with the door actuator which wasn't that bad, the ac fan going out, oil pressure gauge broken, gas gauge broken... Overall not that bad. I wanted an 05, but got a deal on a 03. The power is nice. Also, you aren't going to run a wide tire...
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    Collision damage - can this be fixed?

    If you can get it cheap from the insurance company, get it. Parting it out yourself is going to bring in way more, plus having spare parts is a plus. I JUST watched my perfect frame leave otherwise I would say have at it.
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    wspastorbryan dream machine

    Turns out I wasn't that crazy, I just went about it the wrong way. They kept the 80 fenders and did it like an Tahoe to Escalade conversion. Smart.
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    3 Nitto Terra Grappler 285/70-17 up for grabs 40% tread

    We just talked. You can PM me too if you want.
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    Even more tires and rims for sale

    They were on my 80. They have a 4.75 inch backspace, which will put them a little more inward. A lot of guys run them with spacers, I didn't.
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    The definitive, "Found a good deal on CL" thread

    Not all 15s are out of the question, only most. Some guys run 15s on fzjs, but there are some rules to follow. Deals on tires for a 15 are so hard to find though, I'd rather bump to a 17.
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