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  1. cliffrdavis

    1979 FJ40 - Tampa Florida

    Another Cliff in Tampa? Damn, not a lot of Cliff's around... and not a lot of FJ40's in Tampa... maybe 10 or so. I've heard there was another Cliff around here with a fj40 from some buddies. I've got a 1981 FJ40 that I bought last year, been refurbishing the interior...well, the seats, body...
  2. cliffrdavis

    Wanted FJ40 - (details inside)

    Cheap FJ40 I would look at the one on Craigslist in NoVa... Its probably a couple more hours away... but it looks like a beauty and the price is very reasonable. That 40 looks like its got years to go with little work. C
  3. cliffrdavis

    Looking for FJ40, newb to IH8mud!

    still looking bump... still looking. Thanks for the emails Michael and Mud.
  4. cliffrdavis

    Looking for FJ40, newb to IH8mud!

    still looking Thanks for the links so far, went to look at a 68 this afternoon. Had a little more rust (and a great paint job hiding even more) than I was hoping. Still looking...
  5. cliffrdavis

    Looking for FJ40, newb to IH8mud!

    NewB to IH8mud. I have worked CJ-7s for years and hated their piecemeal design. Had a buddy in college that had a 78' FJ40 and loved it, after doing my homework I've switched allegiances! Been looking for a FJ for the past couple months, but figured this would be the quickest way to get to...
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