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  1. Snailtrail

    105 Series & 70 Series rim bolt pattern.

    Im not sure if the information on this site is any help - but its got cool pictures anyway!:p cruiser-connection
  2. Snailtrail

    100 vs. 80

    The 105 was available from the beginning.
  3. Snailtrail

    100 vs. 80

    Interesting read, thanks for that. Although it should read 80 vs 105 as its a comparison between a FZJ80 and FZJ105.
  4. Snailtrail

    ABS Brakes and Intercooler, really necesary?

    Theres some oddball combo's alright. First picture shows 1HD-T powered HDJ100 (amongst others like the 1FZ powered '100' as well - LHD only). Another thing is Aussie didnt get the HDJ100 until 2000/08, while other markets recieved them in '98. Column 8 abbreviations - ARL (Australia), GCC...
  5. Snailtrail

    OBD2 Port on HDJ100

  6. Snailtrail

    OEM Aux. Fuel Tank Gauge

    Thats the same setup the HZJ105R i took for a spin had. When running on the main tank the gauge shows the level of that tank. When the 'Subtank' button is pushed, a small 'Sub' illuminates on the fuel gauge, while at the same time the gauge shows the level of the subtank. If i was installing a...
  7. Snailtrail

    What diff ratios do the 100's and 105's have?

    Yes, both the HZJ105 and FZJ105
  8. Snailtrail

    What diff ratios do the 100's and 105's have?

    105 = 4.3 ratio
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