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  1. Octous

    99’ Land Cruiser Pulling Right - Cranking noise front left wheel / tire

    Have the wheel bearing torque and ball joints been checked? My 99 had failing ball joints which made it impossible to align and drive straight.
  2. Octous

    1,2-4+ key turns to start engine then roars to life.

    I had this problem. Turned out to be worn out starter contacts. There is a thread on this.
  3. Octous

    How many triple locked 100's here?

    My front arb is leaking too. It’s the next major project to tear it out and figure out where the leak is
  4. Octous

    99 LC - What keeps a rear locker from locking?

    My locker ecu which is in the passenger foot well by where your right foot would be had bad contacts no had to plug it in and unplug it to get my rear locker to work
  5. Octous

    'Agressive' tires for 100-series

    Fwiw. I like my big ko2 s. The side walls are tough. I wheelnon lots of sharp rocks and never had a problem.
  6. Octous

    Diagnosing Violent-Jerking Steering Issue (VGRS)

    Do you have after market control arms? Possibly the castor angle is not adjusted correctly. This could lead to "death wobble" which sometimes behaves like you note. It happens only at some speed b/c it is a dynamically constructive interference (basically builds with speed). Sometimes inputs...
  7. Octous

    100 series stalls out

    Sounds like a bad connection to battery. Check battery terminals
  8. Octous

    100 Series - Paris Dakar mods

    I was just thinking about dreaming about doing the Dakar rally in my 100
  9. Octous

    Gurgle sound behind passenger dash only after shut off

    I had this. Sounded like a small animal was running around behind the dash or a gurggule. This happened right before my heater tees failed. If I heard a sound like that again I would immediately check the heater tees by removing hoses. And pinching the plastic. Mine crumbled in my hands.
  10. Octous

    Front passenger vibration

    Have you checked the front diff bushing? Would show symptoms like this only under torque from the engine. YouTube search front differential bushing Land Cruiser 100. And you will see what I mean
  11. Octous

    Please Help.. Loud noise while accelerating

    Did the mechanic use a smoke machine or similar to check for leaks on vac lines and exhaust? If no they likely didn’t check well enough. It is very hard to find pinhole leaks. And pinholes sometimes sound like turbos. High pitched whistle. If it only happens under acceleration sounds...
  12. Octous

    Serpentine belt tensioner - OE part different size pulley?

    Hello community. I seek your wisdom! I'm replacing my serpentine belt tensioner as a part of a timing belt replacement. However, I've discovered that the OE (or at least I think it's the OE part from Aisin) has a different size pulley wheel than the one that came out of my 1999 land cruiser...
  13. Octous

    Engine / Transmission Mount - replaced yours?

    I searched and didn't find anything definitive on this topic -- would be glad to be pointed at a definitive thread if one is there to be had! I'm about to launch into installing a Trail Tailor creeper skid plate on my 1999 land cruiser with 285k on the clock. I thought, while I'm in there...
  14. Octous

    lx470 engine mount replacement help....

    I'm about to do this on my 1999 land cruiser with 285k on the clock. Did you replace mounts with OEM mounts or aftermarket? If aftermarket, which ones? Have you noticed a difference in engine vibration positive or negative?
  15. Octous

    Who Makes a Rear Differential Skid Plate

    Thanks hoser for the sage advice. This is the kind of first hand know how I was looking for from this forum! Thanks again.
  16. Octous

    Who Makes a Rear Differential Skid Plate

    Thanks saucebox. I've ordered one. For $15 much cheaper than armor ;)
  17. Octous

    Who Makes a Rear Differential Skid Plate

    I would have agreed not needed thill last weekend!
  18. Octous

    Who Makes a Rear Differential Skid Plate

    Thanks for all the info and offers to help! Unfortunately none of those fit a 1999 with a rear e locker ….. so looks like I’m out of luck for now.
  19. Octous

    Who Makes a Rear Differential Skid Plate

    I searched the forum and the web, but could not seem to find anyone who makes a rear differential skid plate for the 100 series (mine is a 1999). I just got back from an awesome Cal4wd Sierra Poker Run where we ran Brewer Lake and Bald Mountain. Came back with a bunch of scrapes on my diff...
  20. Octous

    How many triple locked 100's here?

    Triple locked. It makes hard things easy. Especially if you are not overly skilled
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