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    FJ 60 Won't Stay Running. Help Needed

    Here is the story I have on my FJ60 I picked this up not running with belts off and other misc. things missing. After messing around a bit and getting a different carb, It ran and drove great. I drove it about 4 different times putting about 10-15 miles total. One day I started it up, went...
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    Carb Help Needed

    Thank you all for the information. Does anyone know if there is there a DIY at all on replacing this float?
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    Carb Help Needed

    Hello, I have been working on getting my newly aquired fj60 running. I finally got it to start and run, but the carb fills with gas. It fills up on the side that does NOT have the choke. It will just continually pour out of the "spout" type thing (sorry im a newb) at the top of the carb on that...
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    HELP Wont Turn Over!

    Ok thank you for all the sugestions. I did already take off the main ground to the motor mount and sanded it down. Also took connections off terminals and cleaned them out. I don't believe headlight work at all. I will try the started idea. Thank you all for the help.
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    HELP Wont Turn Over!

    I have been working on my new project, a 1983 FJ60. I took out the A/C pump since I decided not to run it. After this happened, the truck will not start. It does nothing when you turn the key over. It acts like there is no battery in it. However, the emergency flashers do work, so the battery is...
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    Wanted FJ 60 2F smog pump/pully - Broken or good

    Hello, I am in need of a smog pump. Just got an fj60 not running and this is the only part missing. Please PM me with price shipped to 49424. Thank you
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