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  1. topend yobbo

    BJ40 Dash Configuration, pics please!

    Even the gearstick has a sock on him.
  2. topend yobbo

    Can someone tell me what brand of winch this is?

    Cool camo paint job too.
  3. topend yobbo

    Guess this part on my 3B

    If you dont know what it is you shouldent be touching it.
  4. topend yobbo

    1HZ oil pressure

    Is your wagon allright or what? No major malfunctions?
  5. topend yobbo

    Slight fuel leak/weeping on injector pump - 3B

    Tighten young padawan.
  6. topend yobbo

    My !hz turbo pics

    good stuff there mate , would love a turbo one day. Still trying to convince missus for a car shower.
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