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  1. K

    Bike rack design for 4x4Labs rear bumper

    This is what I did.
  2. K

    CDL Dash Switch Placement

    You must have some rowdy passengers if there is concern of them randomly pushing buttons on the dash. Maybe you need some new more calm friends :D
  3. K

    Anyone with a Hellroaring BIC using OEM switches to control it?

    I used their switch and mounted it below the steering column just above the center driver "crotch vent". Worked great.
  4. K

    What weight Mobil1 Do You Run???

    5-30 here.
  5. K

    Another bumper accessory (bike rack)

    I'm going to use a cable lock. The hitch pin is locking to keep the rack on the truck. Planned to get a cable lock anyway to keep the spare from walking too. The Nomad is a cool bike! It has literally changed the way I ride.
  6. K

    Another bumper accessory (bike rack)

    Mike at Bump It Offroad said the same thing, they are rated for 1100# so should be plenty sturdy. I may make a simple brace that goes down to the hitch to triangulate with the end of the rack. This could be put in place for rugged terrain where bouncing would increase the leverage load. The...
  7. K

    Another bumper accessory (bike rack)

    That would be too easy. It's also getting harder to make that style of rack work with all the crazy bike frame designs.
  8. K

    Another bumper accessory (bike rack)

    Yes it does, hope it's not an issue!
  9. K

    Another bumper accessory (bike rack)

    Swing out bike racks are nice but $$$ and without them it's a pain getting in the rear cargo. Thought I would take advantage of the swing out tire carrier and get the bikes out of the way when needed. This carrier is super stout and I think it will be able to take the extra weight :hillbilly...
  10. K

    Does your wife daily drive your 80?

    1,2,3 Part of 4. I don't prefer the Tacoma but when she has the 80 it's Tacoma, motorcycle or bike for me :meh: :D Kent
  11. K

    Anyone else having this issue??

    Mine seems to be very sensitive to oil level too. Anything close to the "L" on the dipstick and the light will start coming on.
  12. K

    inverter install in rear compartment

    Thanks Mike! Looks good, I like the rubber piece that directs moisture away from your electronics. I've heard we have a group of Rising Sun folks coming to the Black Hills Cruiser Classic, maybe I will get to see this in person. Thanks for the help. Kent
  13. K

    inverter install in rear compartment

    I pulled the plastic trim away from the both sides of the rear cargo area and there is plenty of room to mount an inverter in there however.... There was a lot of dust (looks like road dust not dog hair and lint :) ) so is this a poor spot to mount an inverter? I don't imagine this area has...
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