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  1. mabrodis

    birf pics...what's in there?

    Very cool! I often wear my pink-tutu outfit also when doing a birf job..just for good luck ofcourse :D
  2. mabrodis

    BEST Birf LUBE for 80's?????

    No, because the bearings that are being talked about are the wheel bearings, which do not come in contact with the birf grease (this will all make sense when you pull the axle apart). The knuckle (aka trunion) bearings are in the same area as the birf grease, and those bearings would get the...
  3. mabrodis

    BEST Birf LUBE for 80's?????

    Redline is good grease...very thick, but in a birf that shouldn't be a problem I wouldn't think. To original poster: The 80-series birf is larger than the mini-truck birf, so you will definetly need more grease than you used on your mini-truck. As far as how much, I guesstimated 2 containers...
  4. mabrodis

    New 80's member

    Nice job Romer, buddy, pal, :D Do you have a plan for when a date for one of your daughters comes over and says "Hey Sir, that's a nice Explorer you got out there!" ? :D
  5. mabrodis

    0 to LX450 in a week

    Very cool! Nice looking rig! :cheers:
  6. mabrodis

    ditching the fan clutch - discuss

    I've seen that before, from what I've seen it's usually because at an idle/low-rpms the engine is idling so low there is almost no air movement AND almost no coolant movement. I remember years ago at a gas station we were in some 1-ton truck that was idling and getting hotter and hotter...
  7. mabrodis

    ditching the fan clutch - discuss

    While troubleshooting some high-engine-load overheating on my '97 I took out the fanclutch and made it a non-fan-clutch by drilling through it and putting two bolts, so the fan just spun at engine speed all the time. I drove that way for a few weeks (still have the "clutch" I think...), it...
  8. mabrodis

    How to beef up the 80's axles

    Or twist a driveshaft...IMO u-joints rarely break, and broken Cruiser ones are even rarer...
  9. mabrodis

    Gears -- 4.56 or 4.88?

    Not the vehicle...just you Ali... :flipoff2: Congrats on the :crybaby: btw... :cheers:
  10. mabrodis


    Read the 80-series FAQ...I believe how to identify lockers has been brought up atleast once or twice in here... :)
  11. mabrodis

    Locker Doctor anyone?

    (I'm sure that link posted above addresses this, but I'll throw it in here also) For the front/rear diff locks to work the center diff lock has to work AND fully lock (solid light on the dash, not just blinking). I have seen vehicles where the CDL was working, it WAS locking but the sensor...
  12. mabrodis

    OUCH!! - Callipers Rubbing Rim????

    I would just have her grab the jack stands (ALOT lighter than a normal 3-ton floorjack, maybe you have one of those tiny floorjacks, or one of the aluminum racing ones), the small jack isn't that bad for getting it up, to where you can put a stand under it and then it's safe...I would NOT get...
  13. mabrodis

    I'm buying this Lexus LX450:

    18' 4" :D Cool pickup John, looking foward to seeing more pics of the build. Yes the side-to-side sway of a LX450 is awesome, a feature I think, makes you more at-one with nature, when there is a gentle cross-wind coming in gusts, you get to feel those breezes sweep over you and take...
  14. mabrodis

    Checked my timing today. Results.

    Advancing the timing more would make the spark knock worse normally because the knock is coming from the fuel mixture burning before the piston gets to TDC, advancing the timing would only let more of that happen. You could certainly try retarding the timing a bit, I don't believe the "it'll...
  15. mabrodis

    daytime running lights

    I think what ductape was talking about is how to retrofit DRL into a 80-series, since to be imported into Canada it would apparently need those. Can't just tell the importing official you'll leave the lights on all the time.. "trust me" :D I'm sure it would have to be an approved aftermarket...
  16. mabrodis

    Wild Wheeling Pics

    Well I wouldn't say any of these positions are places other vehicles wouldn't touch, but I'd say it's more a testament to a solid vehicle that can be wheeled hard for years and still be reliable and still feel put-together. Here's a few pics when I had my '97...
  17. mabrodis

    LX450 plugs in an 80 ok??

    Did you get them from Toyota? Usually they do come pre-gapped...0.044" is normal (no idea what that is in your metric mumbo-jumbo..) :D
  18. mabrodis

    Mobil M1 synth oil longevity?

    That's a cool writeup/test (who else was thinking, this POS Chevy car uses alot of oil? :D ) After reading that I think I'll plan on ~10K oil changes but topping off often and atleast 1 filter change (and therefore more topping off) in that period. Cool stuff...
  19. mabrodis

    Mobil M1 synth oil longevity?

    I remember reading on (I think that's it) about a newer Cruiser (V8 engine) showing great oil even at I think 15000 miles. Some engines seem to be easier on oil than others, and apparently that V8 is very easy on oil (I don't really know how an engine can be easier...
  20. mabrodis

    I want YOUR opinion on aftermarket diffs!

    That number sounds familiar also...but in your experience, of all the Cruisers you've looked at have only 10% been locked? Not the case for me, and I usually make a point of looking inside every 80 in a parking lot...course this is Colorado and maybe a higher percentage of locked ones were sold...
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