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    1982 Toyota Landcruiser FJ60 "Parting/Whole"

    1982 Toyota Landcruiser FJ60 "Parts/Whole" Located S.W. Pa. Contact (724) 237-3372 For more info. Running/Driving Near 100% frame (very,Very minor flaking starting) All running gear in functioning order Lots of great parts Make offer on all or parts Very little time to follow blog,But can...
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    FJ60 V8 For Sale $2500

    Available: 86 FJ60 305 V8 Conversion Road worthy and drives great (20 mpg hwy). All original (but 305) Of course it needs body work,but is a daily driver now. Great,Perefect 4-door off-road rig. Will need clutch soon. Grey (near perfect) interior Needs a new home,just bought motorhome...
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    For Sale FJ62 Parts SW Pa.

    Available FJ62 Parts (White): Doors: (All good trim,rubber and glass) 2 driver side doors (frt/bk)- Only missing panel on rear door (minor,surface rust) B.O. Would like $250/Pair. 2 Passenger side doors (frt/bk)- No panels,Front needs corner work,Rear only a little on bottom $150/Pair...
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    Early FJ40 Jump seats (2) $200

    I have available: (2) Fj40 Jump Seats $200 obo. Location: South western Pa. Will ship,Paypal/Money order accepted (724) 216-6666
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    1994 Toyota 4x4 Pickup $1500

    Not available Not Available
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    4-Runner Doors (2-Door) $250/set Complete

    1987 4-Runner Doors $250/set Complete Champion,Pa. 15622 (724)216-6666 Could meet up,Hold or Ship. 1987 (2 door model) 4-Runner doors $250 For the set of complete doors. Grey w/Grey interior: Includes: Glass,Panels,Mirror,Handles...everything Complete doors Driver Side "0" rust complete...
  7. Requested Parts Photos

    Requested Parts Photos

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    For Sale 1983 FJ60 Parts all $500

    Fender (passenger side only,0 rust) $75 Inner fenders (1 has rust,1 none) $50 4spd Tran/T-case $200 Complete interior (All seats) $100 (w/trim for doors and plastic) Starter $30 Alt $30 coil $30 Instrument panel $40 Rear heater $40 Radiator (w/shroud,fan) $75 Flywheel $40 Bell housing $40 brake...
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    For Sale 85 FJ60 Parts

    83 Parts Yeh Shipping would kill you. Well,I'll be willing to let everything go at a VERY cheap price (if that helps).Everything listed is what I have left and am moving,So it would benefit anyone who wants to...Come and Get it! 724 925 3501 $500 TAKES IT ALL ! (Well,what ever is left) (Will...
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    For Sale 88 Toyota pickup 4x4 parts

    What is left: V6 3.0 All parts available (Block with top removed for gasket,Truck gone) 5spd complete w/t-case Cap (Aluminum w/screened opening side windows & ladder rack) Steel wheels (original) with (4) radials matching set with 50% tread 225/75/15 + Have some new...
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    For Sale 85 FJ60 Parts

    83 FJ60 Parts 1983 Toyota Landcruiser FJ60 Parts for sale: 4spd transmission with t/case $200 Radiator with shroud + fan $75 Starter $50 Alternator $50 Coil $50 Brake booster $75 Front wiper motor $50 Rear wiper motor $50 Air cleaner (complete) $75 Passenger Fender (0 rust) $75...
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    FJ60 Fuel Pump/Tail light & Dash light HELP !!

    I have an 85 FJ60 and have several problems. First is the tail lights.Tail lights blow fuse as soon as turned on and I also have no dash lights.I have t/sigs,headlights,4ways,high beams,all gauges work but no tail lights.I disconnected the wire harness at the rear,and also by the fuse box and...
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    Pa. fj60 parts

    Disc conversion ? I'm sorry,I am the wrong guy to ask. I don't know what the ratio is,but I'll sell it to you.No,actually I would search on here and see if anyone knows.Please DON'T buy unless you know what you need.Nobody is beating down the door,so do some checking and get back to me.Thank...
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    Pa. fj60 parts

    Hey all Hope to show up at a cruiser meeting one of these times once my fj60 is done (enough to drive anyway).I have been trying to get rid of some parts for awhile now to finish it,Does anyone want to make an honest offer on any of these parts: (All are original from 85 fj60) 4spd w/t-case...
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    For Sale 1983 FJ60 Body/Frame +extras $500

    1983 FJ60 Body & Frame: Body (Has rust around driver wheel well) floors are great all the way back must see.Including firewall (Pics are of the only rot on fj60) I will ad other photos of the fj60 a.s.a.p. Still on great condition frame with springs and axles. $500/Original wheels are extra...
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    I need a power steering pump 85 fj60

    I have the 83 fj60 I'm parting out.I need a power steering pump and am willing to trade for it.Please let me know what you are interested in.
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    For Sale 1983 FJ60 rust free parts

    Posted photos of Lower tailgate in detail as requested. Located in my profile and is in the Album "FJ60 Parts" (My only album).This is the most rusted part that I have and I think it could be redone....$50 and complete as seen.Living in Pa. I have seen MUCH worse.
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    For Sale 1983 FJ60 rust free parts

    I have photos in my KI4NEI "Album" of the parts.Not sure how to post them,I'll try.Thank you.
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    For Sale 1983 FJ60 rust free parts

    Maybe it should be changed,I just keep adding parts and then find a little rust.Does sound funny though,But thanks for the heads up!
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    Wanted neaded a tailgate and misc parts

    I have some FJ60 Parts I have the upper tailgate (Photos in Album) I also have a rear bumper with ends (Let me get some photos) Interested? Let me know.
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