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  1. azrider

    Parting Out New Mexico 96 LX450 locked

    im looking for the valance that sits below the front grille and goes in-between the front turn signals.
  2. azrider

    Parting Out Parting 1997 Lexus LX450

    do you have available the valance that sits under the front grill that goes between the 2 front turn signals?
  3. azrider

    Parting Out 1997 LX450

    I would like to buy the front bumper valance that sits right underneath the front turn signals
  4. azrider

    Parting Out WANTED REALLY BAD- Green DS mirror for my LX450!!

    typical post break and need a replacement, please help.
  5. azrider

    Parting Out Parting out 1997 Lexus LX450

    I badly need a few fender flares. Blew a tire on the freeway and it ripped mine off. What I need is the passenger side rear fender flare, plus the flare that becomes the door moulding. Also the Passenger side front fender flare(rock rash) Could also use the lower valance, the part below the...
  6. azrider

    For Sale Left Over Parts from a Lx450 Part Out

    since you mentioned you have the front grill, I'm in need of the front valance, i think thats what its called. It incorporates the front turn signals. Also badly need LX450 fender flares/cladding for the passenger rear door and fender. Thanks.
  7. azrider

    For Sale 96 LX450 (FZJ80) North FL part out in stages

    I read the whole thread. Did the guy asking about the shift console ever go thru? If you still have it, let me know the condition and price sent to Goodyear AZ 85395. Email is if you can send a pic of it.
  8. azrider

    1994 Toyota Burned Parting Out

    whats your location, need the 22RE for my in-laws truck.
  9. azrider

    parting out 97 cruiser

    im needing both headlight housings, you got them? I live in Phoenix so how much shipped?
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