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    any B series with turbo's out there ? not 3b.

    I'm running 5 PSI on my 2B, haven't touched fueling. It made an improvement that I could notice, just barely. A big hill that I used to slowly lose speed on, I can now slowly gain speed. I'm not getting the best return on investment by not turning up the boost/fuel, but any improvement is...
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    15b-ft or not to be?

    @cruisingalong Have you seen this page? 15B-F engine in a Land Cruiser BJ42 - it might be helpful
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    WDYD What Did You Do To Your Diesel Today (WDYDTYDT)

    I went to rotate the crankshaft on my 2B for a valve adjustment, and realized the crankshaft pulley bolt was missing o_O Hopefully I can find another (but I borrowed one for now). It's the same part number as the 3B. Oddly the "B & 2B Engine Repair Manual" specs 145-173 ft-lb, the "B, 3B, 11B...
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    1981, 82, & 83 Toyota BJ44 wiring diagrams..?

    I would also like to snag any 1981 BJ44 diagrams if anyone has any. Other years or the BJ41 or BJ46 would also be helpful. I'm not working on anything specific right now, just want to have them for the future. Best I've got is 1 BJ42 wiring diagram, and the 1980 Land Cruiser chassis and body...
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    BJ44 - am I crazy (again)?

    I would say make it as nice as you can while keeping it on the road. Do everything you can so that when it's time to take the body off, you only have to worry about the tub itself and the frame. I did a body off "restoration" on a CJ5, and even on such a simple vehicle it felt overwhelming to...
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    Air cleaner lid diameters

    I think mine will work but I'll keep it in mind! I love your store. Thank you
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    Air cleaner lid diameters

    Hmm it sounds like mine is the oddball model then. I'm going to carefully attempt swapping the tops. Thanks for the input guys!
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    Air cleaner lid diameters

    Does anyone wanna measure what they have and state what model it's from? I'm getting ready to turbo a BJ44. They have really long intake tubes on the air cleaner lid (top one in picture) which doesn't work so great for me. I bought a random air cleaner lid online (from an unknown model)...
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    3B-T possible edic motor/fuel supply issues? Pretty severe...

    Post number 9 in this thread 3B diaphragm replacement - says you can test it by sucking on the venturi line. In any case it's probably wise to replace it if it's old/original. I hope it does the trick for you, I have read high...
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    Local (Utah) 80 Series Diesel Specialists?

    I haven't. I looked into it a little and it doesn't look too hard on my B series engine, but I'd hate to get it wrong.
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    Local (Utah) 80 Series Diesel Specialists?

    I'll be keeping an eye on this. I need someone local to teach me how to adjust the valves!
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    Need help finding a part number, 3b venturi hose to injection line clip

    Shoot it does look discontinued, but at least I know now! Thanks guys. The diagram for my engine didn't picture the venturi clips. Edit: it might have been replaced with part number 90464-00618 I'm gonna get one and find out if it's right
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    Need help finding a part number, 3b venturi hose to injection line clip

    I tried searching some diagrams and had no luck. it's in this picture I'm also having trouble finding a part number for the bracket that holds the AC line away from the fuel filter housing (though I doubt the part is available, I wanna check just in case) Thanks guys!
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    1981 BJ44V with 2B Diesel Motor

    I'm excited for the updates. I got a 44 this year too and I'm obsessed with it
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    Turbo 3B Overheating

    I don't think timing alone would be the cause of your issue, but it's probably worth looking into after the head gasket is verified. I've been pretty curious lately on the relationship between timing, egt, and...
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    Turbo 3B Overheating

    Your 650/700 EGTs are in °F right? Cause if we're talking °C, well... Something has gotta be going on, I hear 3Bs can run hot, but there wouldn't be so many people running turbos if it was a terrible idea. I wish I could help out more. I'm turboing my 2B this winter so I'm curious to see what...
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    3b exhaust flange drawing/cad?

    Somewhat of a bump... So we have the file, but does anyone have the file?
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    81 bj42 24 volt headlight switch

    I hope this doesn't take away too much from the original post but... What's the story on lighted knobs? Factory option? Certain years or regions?
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    BJ40 24v Alternator rebuild

    I wish I could help with your original question... You should keep us posted on how the rewind goes though, I bet some people might find it interesting, I certainly would.
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    BJ40 24v Alternator rebuild

    My rotor was bad too (low resistance), I'm going to try to find a place in the US that can rewind it eventually. ALTERNATOR 25Amp New OE no 1002102290 for Toyota | eBay - this is the one I used as a replacement for now (I have other posts about it in my...
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