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  1. Cattledog

    Hybrid generators

    lead time is 4 weeks out but... this one looks interesting.
  2. Cattledog

    Looking for lawn mower reviews

    Bought a 5 year old Husqvarna yth2042 with bagger for $300. Has 380 hours and runs like a champ. Last owner could not get it to start. Can of break free and the mower was running in 10 minutes with new gas. Buy any sub $1500 tractor and store it in a shed, figure that you will get between...
  3. Cattledog

    anybody removed the valve on a propane tank?

    Impressive! I like it. I might just build one for lawn tractor tires. Using a ratchet strap is a PITA.
  4. Cattledog

    anybody removed the valve on a propane tank?

    This is what I do for 5 gallon/20 liter cylinders. This type. Set the pipe wrench (really big one 2' handle) on the back of the valve, opposite the threaded inlet. You can use a open ended wrench but they are a bit too short. It might be offset with the cylinder valve guard. Have another...
  5. Cattledog

    anybody removed the valve on a propane tank?

    Just saw the link for the bead seater. Are you planning on welding on the 2" fitting to the tank?
  6. Cattledog

    anybody removed the valve on a propane tank?

    2X I have done the many times. Be sure the tank is empty... Just opening the top valve does not vent the cylinder in all cases. Some propane cylinders valves have a spring loaded safety. A feed line has to be attached and the valve turned open to empty. Any reason not to trade in the crap...
  7. Cattledog

    Generators for home back-up

    Unless you can isolate the neutral at your 200 amp breaker you still run a risk of back feeding the main line to the street. Not a good idea for the lineman or you. I have never seen a breaker that isolates both hot and neutral. Maybe yours does? I was doing the same thing for a couple of...
  8. Cattledog

    Chainsaw Alternatives?

    I have both electric and gas. The electric is a ryobi 18" 14 amp saw with 100 foot cord (10 gauge) and honda generator. The gas saw is a walmart polan pro 18". Both saws are low end and are used one or twice a year. The electric is my prefered saw for the single tree or clean up. It's...
  9. Cattledog

    Stihl recall

    Thanks for the info Ken, I will stop by there this week for the recall.
  10. Cattledog

    Stihl recall

    What dealer did you use? I went to my local dealer where I bought my FS90R and the guy was a total jerk about the recall, and I still do not have the new cap. Thanks
  11. Cattledog

    Weed Trimmer Selection

    Well I just bought a Stihl FS-90R from reading ths thread. All I can say is wow! This trimmer rocks! Wish I had bought it years ago. The Sthil replaced a troy-bilt 4 stoke TB465SS. The old trimmer had vibration issues straight out of the box. The final issue that had me replace the...
  12. Cattledog

    Building a tree house - attachment to tree suggestions??

    Well I have been working on this issue too. Here is my solution. Drill through the tree using a 1 1/4 ship auger drill bit, Here Insert and bolt using 1 1/4 inch grade 8 threaded rod and nuts, Here Then weld up or buy 3/8" timber hangers, Here Set main floating beams in the timber hangers...
  13. Cattledog

    What riding mower should I buy??

    You can buy any of the box store mowers they are most likely made by MTD. My suggestion spend as little as possible(under 1000). It will be a crap shoot on it working correctly right out of the box. Plan on spending sometime "tuning it". Also KEEP is clean and greased/oiled, it will help it...
  14. Cattledog

    Need a generator recommendation

    Was given a 20+ year old honda, it has been fully submerged in a flooded basement, ran once every six months to change ou the gas and oil. After the flood I changed the oil and new carb. Runs like new. Go honda. The Honda's hold their resale value too.
  15. Cattledog

    Recommend a finish nailer

    Go Senco. Check amazon, bought a Senco combo deal for $180 earlier this year. Love the nailers. I use the stapler more than I would have guessed. For framing nailers I like the bostick. The bostick is a air pig though. This is the set I bought. Not professional level, but works great...
  16. Cattledog

    condensation on shop floor

    We have the same issue at work.... the problem is dew point and the temp of the concrete. You have two choices... 1 Heat the floor, This is our option currently it is the least expensive way out. If you are interested in this I will as my facilities engineer for the product's name. 2...
  17. Cattledog

    Heavy Duty Large C Clamps?

    I love my Irwin clamps. They are over kill most of time. Would not bother me to hit with a 5# sledge. See the links. IRWIN Quick-Grip C-Clamp IRWIN Quick-Grip Passive Lock Bar Clamps
  18. Cattledog

    Working outside in the cold SUCKS

    X2 I have a forced air propane heater if needed. Have your son get thin polypro gloves then layer them with thin rubber gloves it will act as a vapor barrier. Have him lay on cardboard and wear thermals and a full face hat. Buy some disposable hand warmers and put them on the back of his...
  19. Cattledog

    Workbench countertop opinions?

    Used 3/4 plywood with industrial grade peel & stick floor tiles. Easy to clean, takes a beating and was cheap. I would not use it to weld though. Have another table made of 3/8 steel.
  20. Cattledog

    Electrical help: Running a new 220 line?

    I have not noticed anyone asking about distance from the panel to outlet. I installed a 220V single phase 50 amp outlet in my garage last winter for a stick welder. I ran the line about 60 feet in total to the garage. I ended up using 6 gauge wire. You might want to look at this link...
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