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  1. mabrodis

    Drove the new FJ yesterday

    That was one thing I noticed during my testdrive also...nice big mirrors, when first looking out of it I thought you couldn't see much out the front, but the more I drove it around (not alot, maybe 20-30 min total), I felt alot more comfortable with it, and didn't notice any visibility problems...
  2. mabrodis

    New FJ meets Old FJ

    Oh gezz...of all the FJ40's to put it next to, you had to pick one of the years that didn't have a round bezel...which is funny since the round bezel is sposeto be the carry-over item...and you know if any sales drones did know what a FJ40 is they would look at that square bezel and tell you...
  3. mabrodis

    USDM Release moved to TODAY!!!

    Wife just called John Elway Toyota in Denver, they got 6 in today... :D EDIT: Just got home from test driving one...a yellow, 6sp one....ahhh...very nice. It was actually far nicer than I thought it would be, not that I was expecting crap or anything, but I didn't realize how even the...
  4. mabrodis

    Saw the silver one today - Fort Worth Auto Show

    Hmm...what about if your titties droop to your pants.....and you're a guy? :D
  5. mabrodis

    FJ Cruiser sighting in Denver...

    On the way to work this morning saw a semi loaded up with FJ Cruisers (bright yellow one on the top of the truck is what caught my eye)...going south-bound on I-25 just South of I-70...not sure what dealership they are going to, but I'll swing by one tonight to see if I can take a closer look...
  6. mabrodis

    FJ Poll

    I don't understand the idea of not buying a first-model-year vehicle. What duds did Toyota make that make everyone here so leary about buying the first year of a vehicle? The '95 Taco (I think that was the first year it was officially called the Tacoma)..a great truck, the '96 4runner (first...
  7. mabrodis

    Got in line to buy the FJ Here in Seattle

    I'm 92.7% confident all the FJ-Cruisers you will see in the first year will have the rear locker. That option isn't something Toyota has ever tried to hide, it proudly adds it to all TRD Tacomas (on the '05s it's only on the TRD Offroad package, not the TRD Sport package), there are commercials...
  8. mabrodis

    release date

    Read this on "The first prototype was built on a modified Prado (4Runner/GX 470) platform in the summer of 2004, and the final production models will be in dealerships by March 2006." From this link:
  9. mabrodis

    Headlight ?s

    I would be shocked if they were 'standard' round lights on the production vehicles...that just seems far too old-school for a new design such as this...IMO.
  10. mabrodis

    FREE FJ Cruiser cap....

  11. mabrodis

    A manditory specification should be. . .

    Yep, also the Mustang, notice how with the new Mustang there isn't a Cobra version out those who HAVE to have it will buy it now, and then some of them will upgrade to the Cobra version in a year or two, some ofcourse will wait for the Cobra version, but you've still sold more cars than...
  12. mabrodis

    Whose Toyota Marketing Too??? No T.V. Commercials

    Very it's actually going onsale in that's a bit early for a '07 model it would seem, but I'm not complaining. I wonder if Toyota's advertising to offroad groups is to get a badge of "Trail Rated", but a real one, so people actually believe it is "Trail Rated" so Toyota...
  13. mabrodis

    Was there a video for the FJ at SEMA? (many, many pictures)

    BTW, just for your (yes YOU shocker! :D ) viewing pleasure I grabbed all the chick pictures (well atleast all the hot/semi-hot ones) from AutoSpies, and threw them up if you only want to see the ya go... It's ALOT of pictures, 122 in all, all on one page...some...
  14. mabrodis

    Was there a video for the FJ at SEMA? (many, many pictures)

    More pics:
  15. mabrodis

    Was there a video for the FJ at SEMA? (many, many pictures)

    Went through all the Autospies pictures...some of the later ones (page ~40 IIRC) have what appear to be pictures of a video of the FJ Cruiser. Anyone see this video in person? It looks fairly cool, the boulder field it apparently crawls through is pretty good..considernig this is a bone stock...
  16. mabrodis

    if you didn't get a free SEMA ticket...

    I knew that'd happen.. :D
  17. mabrodis

    if you didn't get a free SEMA ticket...

    Uhm...that's November...not Sept.. :D
  18. mabrodis

    Possible Convertible??

    Very cool...does agent 001 (not as cool as agent 007?) have anything else to tell us? :D I think this is going to be a homerun vehicle for Toyota, and I like how the Scion market is based on a ton of aftermarket choices, dealer-installed 3rd party products...that same philosophy would work...
  19. mabrodis


    Let's see...from this list of options pick 2: Solid Front Axle Factory rear locker 4.0L V6 I'd do just what Toyota did, which is ditch the SFA (although 'ditch' isn't really valid, the HIGHLY acclaimed Toyota truck stopped a SFA in '85, 20 years ago...and Toyota has sold countless trucks...
  20. mabrodis

    woody's SEMA pics....

    Cool pics Woody! Were the Longfield guys actually breaking axles right there in their booth? Or just showing how much axles flex, etc? Either way that's pretty sweet to have a axle testing setup right there. :cheers:
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