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    Crazy Question about FR/Rr lockers

    Back when I was shopping, I asked a guy if it had lockers and he said yes and sent me a picture of the power door lock switch. I asked for the Vin or a picture of the sticker and he said he was uncomfortable with that. No idea if he was playing with me or not, but wasn't cheap enough for me to...
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    3D Printing Parts for the 80

    Painting with Rustoleum Textured Bronze is what I have done for a lot of my stuff so it only makes sense to paint your 3d printed stuff too. Also those cupholders have to handle hot coffee cups and hot desert sun so his filament needs are more specific. Painting your part likely also reduces uv...
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    3D Printing Parts for the 80

    I've tried a few that were not even close. If someone finds one. I would also appreciate it.
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    1FZ engine building and blueprinting

    My partsouq order shipped Wednesday, hit Atlanta this morning and was at my door sometime before 2 pm today. Insane. Getting faster than amazon... Did you get it installed yet?
  5. C feedback

    seems like a lot of effort to make a company give expected service. Typically you don't have to figure out how to help a company get an order right(especially since they really only have a very limited service range). Isn't it their job to make sure you know how to explain what would be to your...
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    Headlight conversion 7” round

    Hit the search for this thread and look for hits on "relay" "Aktundra" etc Post in thread 'Headlight conversion 7” round' Headlight conversion 7” round -
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    80 Series Part- What Should We Make? Dash or Washer Bottle

    Hmm just putting it out there washer bottles for several other toyotas are needed too. Hint toyota pickups from the early 80s. Not sure there is enough markert for them though.
  8. C feedback

    @jpoole did you ever pull the trigger on your seatbelts.
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    Headlight conversion 7” round

    Yes. I started out with a harness like that and spliced in a waterproof relay on each. You can also use one for both but it is easier to just use two and keep them separate. I ran conventional lights for a while before upgrading to led and so I had to fix the highbeams being triggered on those...
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    Headlight conversion 7” round

    Conventional vs led isn't different on the wiring. I don't know what wiring harness he had supplied but if there is not a relay. You will always be running brights even when you are not trying to run them as the highbeams are triggered by ground and that will feed through the lowbeams. So there...
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    Headlight conversion 7” round

    If that is how you got it from Kelly then you are good to go. The inner bracket I believe is the same as for a HD motorcycles you can just find a video on how those go together. This thread also has the wiring instructions. Go a head and paint or powder coat as needed and start looking at the...
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    Headlight conversion 7” round

    How did you get yours with missing parts? Mine came with everything needed to mount the lights. I had old school sealed beam bulbs for a while in mine.
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    FJZ80 Sounds like Death

    How fast are you going? Sounds like loose lugnuts or a loose caliper to me. Does it stop when applying brakes? What did it sound like when you lifted the axle and spun the tires ?
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    Spongy brakes

    Well just by what you are saying, seems like you ruled out ABS pump as the issue. Also master cylinder. What you describe. at least to me, does not sound like a booster problem. calipers..... rebuilt should work like new. They are VERY simple. (not sticking not leaking usually = good) Just...
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    Spongy brakes

    I still have abs and I don't see that happening. Maybe it is at a very small amount that is hard for me to see. Is it pretty drastic for you? Air can compress so wonder if that is just indicating air still in the lines.
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    Spongy brakes

    I put in a new master cylinder a couple of months back. Bench bled it before installing and that then pressure bled the truck a few times. That peddle did nothing once installed and many many pumps. Eventually it started going to the floor slowly. I live in a place there I can drive in a loop...
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    Spongy brakes

    You can alter alternatively manually activate abs by hitting the brakes while two tires are on loose gravel...repeat for each side a couple of times and bleed again.
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    Spongy brakes

    How did you actuate the abs pump to get the air out? Post in thread 'Is there a way to trigger ABS actuator to combat spongy breakes?' Is there a way to trigger ABS actuator to combat spongy breakes? -...
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    New lights

    I've been to their location and they are not a big setup. Maybe they are even smaller now due to staffing issues.
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    HOW TO: Detailed DIY for Remote Start/Alarm/Keyless Entry

    What viper system are you trying to wire up.
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