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  1. African

    New 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ73 Owner

    Sweet truck .....if you switch the wiring on the light bar you can correct it from turning day into night. :banana:
  2. African

    71/76/78 Series Manufacture

    Fascinating… thanks for sharing really cool Video!
  3. African

    Builds Oman -> SoCal 1995 FZJ75 Troopy

    I don’t have much experience with the H150F but it’s been my experience it’s pretty normal in a H55F gear box ( 1st and 2nd gear ) but once you get used to it and learn when/how to shift it they are solid. Slow and gently Most of the time I’ll start in 2nd gear like @coldtaco
  4. African

    Builds Oman -> SoCal 1995 FZJ75 Troopy

    MT-90 is good stuff Iv had good luck with it in older Toyota gearbox and transfer cases.
  5. African

    New to me HZJ77 Pre-build thread

    Congrats When was the last timing belt change? Depending on that I’d move timing belt and water pump up the list, full oem kits / parts. New radiator hoses if your flushing the rad. Looks to be in pretty good nick from the photos Cruiser outfitters in SLC has lots of parts for the 1HZ
  6. African

    Builds AK HJ-75

    Awesome pics at the glaciers !!
  7. African

    New J78 Owner: What Maintenance Do I Get While the Car's Still in Japan?

    Congrats Is it that much cheaper to get that work done over there? If the shop was very reputable and price was right and you have someone in person keeping an eye on it...makes sense Have them use OEM parts Some of that work would be nice to do yourself just to learn the rig, no exactly...
  8. African

    Builds A Re-Build of 2004 78 Series Troopy 1HD FTE

    mmm....Kief build !! This is a dream lorry for me .. Ticks a lot of boxes... more out in the veld pics please
  9. African

    Builds Oman -> SoCal 1995 FZJ75 Troopy

    Welcome to the 💰 pit Sweet rig to spend some on 🤘 Enjoy…I’m keen to see the progress
  10. African

    Dogs and 70’s

    Here’s Trout inspecting the new arb on the 75 double cab And Trout and his wing man Fox who is not with us anymore, in the back of my wife’s pickup
  11. African

    Which one?

    Thank you I'll do some digging
  12. African

    Which one?

    Very nice! The factory mpg / km/h is the way to go for sure… looks great! How would one go about getting one of those ? Need that for my Hzj75
  13. African

    Builds AK HJ-75

    Nice work
  14. African

    2022 70 Series

    Juan. I can’t say I’m excited about that engine or the auto gear box. We’l see what happens
  15. African

    2022 70 Series

    don't we all ....on another note theres some talk about the 70s being offered with the 2.8lt turbocharged 4 cylinder from the Hilux and its automatic transmission
  16. African

    Builds BJ70-MR Conversion to a PZJ70-MRS

    Im looking forward to this 🤘
  17. African

    Sluggish acceleration when cold

    @Behemoth60 not a bad call on the possible issue actually. What if you tried some diesel anti gel additive run it long enough to have it well mixed in and through the lines and injectors, then check on a cold morning to see if it makes any difference… Assuming the truck is stored outside
  18. African

    Builds 2018 GCC Spec 79 Series 1HD-FTE + H152 - The Camel

    Very impressive!
  19. African

    70 Series Model with Maximum Parts Availability

    Do you have a link to the listing ?
  20. African

    Builds HDJ79 build #2: 2022 double cab with FTE

    Looking great! Nice work so far
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