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  1. FL cruiser

    Does the Orlando area have emissions testing?

    There is no emissions testing. If there are engine swap restrictions, they are not being enforced.
  2. FL cruiser

    Labor day weekend ride(Sep 5-7)

    I will be there that weekend. Along with about a dozen or so other Florida people with cruisers. Some Alabama cruiserheads showing up there that weekend too? Very cool place!!
  3. FL cruiser

    Trip and events this summer and fall to plan for

    A group of Florida people are going up to Gray Rock in Alabama June 12th to 17th. The early part of the week GSMTR was supposed to happen. You all are welcome to join us **OFFICIAL GRAY ROCK RUN** JUNE 12th to June 17th reserved for NFCH Wish i could make the Morris Mountain trip, but...
  4. FL cruiser

    Tampa FL

    Welcome! I'm across the bay in St Pete. Hope you enjoy your stay. Not any local trail rides or cruiser related events that I know of planned in the near future, but they do happen. Here's a couple of web sites local cruiser heads hang out at: Florida Land Cruiser Association North...
  5. FL cruiser

    10/20 at Hard Rock!!! and 11/10 at Alpha???

    Thanks for sharing. Always good to hear about a new place wheel. Maybe the Rover guys wheel at some other spots we don't know about. Bill, hope you make it to the 11/10 run. Each time we go, new areas, trails and climbs are discovered. Best to take advantage of it and wheel it while we still...
  6. FL cruiser

    Eric moves West.

    Eric, We'll miss you on the trails. Hope your move goes well. I guess you'll be shipping the 40 out west eventually? Give advance notice before you come back to Florida for a vacation so a wheeling trip can be planned while your here. Steve BTW, Did Bill deliver my axles to your parents...
  7. FL cruiser

    Who needs a rollbar material?

    That's an outstanding price! I know you put some time in coming up with this deal. Too bad I don't need any tube.
  8. FL cruiser

    Tellico Trail Closures

    I wouldn't have thought letters would help in a situation like this, but something happened locally here locally that changed my mind. The state had been putting small barrier islands off limits to boaters and designating them bird nesting refuges. Boaters never organized, wrote letters or got...
  9. FL cruiser

    Tellico Trail Closures

    TTT Please help by sending your letters. Don't procrastinate. As mentioned above, even if you don't go to Tellico. We have just about lost the fight in Ocala National Forrest. Hopefully we can stop or slow down the domino effect of trail closures.
  10. FL cruiser

    MUD Bay - WPB to September Trail Ride

    Thanks Bill and Eric & Sandy!
  11. FL cruiser

    MUD Bay - WPB to September Trail Ride

    That could work for me. I'll be going up to High Springs sometime before years end. Steve
  12. FL cruiser

    My For Sale Thread

    I'll take your 60 axles and door glass. I can paypal or money order the funds to you. Just need to figure out pickup or when we might cross paths. Steve
  13. FL cruiser


    Congrats!! Very nice! Looks like you got the fully optioned and accesorized setup.
  14. FL cruiser


    I've been looking for a place to get a Powertank filled. Tried the welding shop route. They all want do an exchange. I'm not trading my pretty new Powertank for an old used beat up tank. Where do you all get your tanks filled?
  15. FL cruiser

    Cruiser Jam - Wesley Chapel FL

    We were there....., but a tad bit early. The FJ60's had the honors of being the first ones to try out the course.
  16. FL cruiser

    Cruiser Jam - Wesley Chapel FL

    I'll be driving right by on the way up to "Hunt For The Rocks" I'll have to leave a half hour early and stop in.
  17. FL cruiser

    Cruiser Jam - Wesley Chapel FL

    Yeah Al, If we went, we would be in the running for the gnarliest dirtiest cruiser award, although you would get the "most modified" award :D
  18. FL cruiser

    Look at this gem

    Cliff, That's what I went looking for. Nasty and dirty, See if you can top this:D : .
  19. FL cruiser

    Tampa- St Pete Cruiserheads, Let's meet up

    Was so busy BS'ing, didn't even break out the camera. Hopefully someone else took pics. Please share if you got any at all. food was great. I didn't hear anyone complaining. It was a better than expected turnout. Counted 14 cruisers and about 25 people. We'll have to do something like this...
  20. FL cruiser

    Tampa- St Pete Cruiserheads, Let's meet up

    Al, Thanks for the offer. I'm kinda :princess: lately with my vehicle. I'll pass this time, but working on getting more of a trail rig, maybe soon. This is good opportunity to go to a cool wheeling spot with someone that knows this place well.
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