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  1. jackbrad

    For Sale 1971 FJ40 excellent Condition $52000

    Trn signals are embedded in the headlights.
  2. jackbrad

    Timmy the Toolman YouTube Channel

    Im a fan. Watched the channel multiple hours. I used your timing belt video to change my timing belt two weeks ago. Thank you for the work you do.
  3. jackbrad

    For Sale 1971 FJ40 excellent Condition $52000

    Has hard top and doors to go with truck. Including old troop seats and other miscellaneous parts
  4. jackbrad

    For Sale 1971 FJ40 excellent Condition $52000

    Selling my FJ because I want something new. Restored about 3 years ago with all the best. If you want the best. This is it. Serious buyers only. BFG tires on 17 in Americans 3:70 axles Four wheel power disks Aisin hubs OME suspension Anti-inversion Shackles ARB bumper front Expensive bumper on...
  5. jackbrad

    Billet FJ-40 Style knobs?

    I'm in
  6. jackbrad

    Knuckle Centering using SST - Shim thickness question

    I went through an exercise like this and actually got negative shim values.. and it was the brass bushings. After replacement I saw expectations inline with ideas and documentation. I've done this 3 times, others have surely done it many more than me but, now I recommend replacing the bushings...
  7. jackbrad

    Ebay Radiators

    I bought one and it worked good but, not better than a three row brass one from Radiator barn. I recommend a cross flow if at all possible.
  8. jackbrad

    Rear Jump seats

    What is a pair of long rear jump seats worth for a 1971 FJ 40. They would need to be recover and painted etc.
  9. jackbrad

    eBay Steering Wheel, Hub caps

    Steering wheel Hub caps
  10. jackbrad

    EBAY: 4 Core Brass and Copper Radiator for FJ40

    Selling the other radiator I don't need any more.
  11. jackbrad

    Ebay: My FJ40 3 Row Aluminum Radiator

    The aluminum one is sold but, if you want a better one, I am selling this one. Copper and Brass so heavier but, better cooling... Don't be fooled.
  12. jackbrad

    Ebay: My FJ40 3 Row Aluminum Radiator Selling the new Radiator that I don't need.
  13. jackbrad

    Roll bar ala TLC Icon

    Cirbo made me one a few years ago... I dont think it was two hard.
  14. jackbrad

    Checkout my exhaust manifold

    Go header for sure
  15. jackbrad

    Overheating... SBC 350

    Here a few pics
  16. jackbrad

    Overheating... SBC 350

    Ok... More pics to come but, I felt I owed and update. I changed my radiator to a crossflow from Man-a-free and also changed to a 19 inch mechanical fan. So far the engine has not gone above 195 (thermostat temp) when driving around town or above 205 going 80 MPH on the interstate...
  17. jackbrad

    Overheating... SBC 350

    ] Your work is always so scary good. I was in Fort Mill yesterday at Novant and started to come by. I purchased the same radiator and plan to do the same config as you have here. Now.. Just gotta find a shroud design and guy to make me a bumper :)
  18. jackbrad

    Overheating... SBC 350

    That is troubling but, it is something up there. Well start with the winch
  19. jackbrad

    1967 Nissan Patrol

    I owned one.. getting parts is ridiculously hard.
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