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  1. willyroo

    Talk or push me off the ledge- keep my 00 LX or buy 09...

    That generally is my answer... :)
  2. willyroo

    Do Doug Thorley Headers suit RHD?

    Photos when done would be great - and is your LC an update model (rear LED lights)? If so be good to report on whether or not it throws O2 codes, apparently that's common with the update models. Just down the road, and well priced too. Now you've got me wondering about "should I do the new...
  3. willyroo

    Do Doug Thorley Headers suit RHD?

    I had my indie install the Beaudesert Exhaust system for 100 series V8s, and while the headers were a tight fit to get in, once in everything seemed to have reasonable clearances. This was in my previous hunjy, and I miss the sound and midrange torque when compared to my current one. They also...
  4. willyroo

    First Aussie 100 Series (LX470)

    Ahh no unfortunately - close but no cigar. OP - welcome to the "mud", IMPEX will likely be the quickest way to get one to you. There's also an LX470 being wrecked at King Wreckers in Kingston Qld if that helps. LX470 front assembly LC100 front assemby
  5. willyroo

    Looking for a picture of the LX470 climate control screen

    Ahh - don't have a standard screen anymore.:) I do remember 17c being the lowest number. The range of the T'eyes CC is: HI 32c then 0.5c increments from 31.5c to 17.5c 17c LO Fan settings go from 1 to 7, only the "OFF" button turns the fan setting to "0".
  6. willyroo

    Towing bass boat with 100 series

    We have an 18' ski boat, all up on tandem axle trailer around 1,600kgs (around 3,500lbs). It tows beautifully with non VVTi, 5 speed auto, LX470. Sure up hills it isn't as effortless as the LX570, however I've never really felt it needed more power. We also have a ~2,000kgs camper trailer...
  7. willyroo

    Blizzard White 070 vs Crystal White Pearl 062 - close enough? (side mirror replacement)

    Compare the pair: 070 (on top) *appears* to be slightly "warmer" than 062. On the car you wouldn't be able to distinguish, the photo slightly accentuates the really subtle differences. The paint on the one from the wrecker is in poorer condition too, so more polishing and buffing needed...
  8. willyroo

    Looking for a picture of the LX470 climate control screen

    Mate another taker here - any chance you could have celcius as a temperature option. Happy to beta test as well :) Cheers from down under...
  9. willyroo

    Blizzard White 070 vs Crystal White Pearl 062 - close enough? (side mirror replacement)

    Yep my UZJ100R GXL had the chrome ones as well. Only difference is the LX LHS (ie passenger side) LX mirror can be folded with the press of a button. Does your update Sahara LHS mirror fold in as per the LX? My mate's pre-update Sahara doesn't. That being said, I agree with you that 070 and...
  10. willyroo

    Blizzard White 070 vs Crystal White Pearl 062 - close enough? (side mirror replacement)

    Geetings My LX470 is White Pearl - colour code 062. The right hand side - driver's side here in the land down under - mirror has a couple of issues, including: The detent to hold the assembly "out" has been damaged, so it doesn't hold the position properly and slowly swings in. Easily fixed...
  11. willyroo

    Where to put 'owners packet' LX 470

    Here's mine prior to closing. However very little clearance, so make sure there's nothing else in there first, and also insert spine first. Mine also fits perfectly in the door pocket, which is where I normally leave it anyway.
  12. willyroo

    2007 LX 470 crystal white 17k miles

    +2 I got a call from a mate with a UZJ200, timing belt was replaced with another "name brand". It failed after about 90,000km (~55k miles). There must have been something else going on because there is some internal engine damage, mebbe it's due to the 200 series being VVTi (ie variable in...
  13. willyroo

    Where to put 'owners packet' LX 470

    +2 to the glovebox fit here - with plenty of room left, although my glovebox is on the left hand side :)
  14. willyroo

    Searching for an LX470 - the internet is telling me to get a 570

    I'm regularly in a 200 series VDJ (various mates have them), and apart from an overrated motor, they are a step up from the 100 series, on and off road. Take out the VDJ and put in a 3UR-FE and (IMHO) to you're at another level. If my LX470 goes to 100 series heaven, LX570 here I come.
  15. willyroo

    LX470 2004 | Need help with Android Screen

    Latest Android Auto with Coolwalk on the CC3...
  16. willyroo

    Most comfortable AHC replacement available

    The big cost with the AHC is the 4 globes (aka "spheres"), one for each wheel. Over time the bladder (for want of a better term) that separates gas from AHC fluid breaks down. The stealership cost of globes is - well - theft. I can vouch for Impex Japan if you're needing 4 new globes - read...
  17. willyroo

    Improving Off road capability in AHC equipped AHC

    Previously owned a 2007 UJZ100 LC, with 2" lift, Dobinson springs/torsion bars, airbag man rear airbags for trailer, and Ironman Foam Cell Pro shock absorbers. Due to premature death (problem was between seat and steering wheel unfortunately), I parlayed the insurance cheque into a mint 2007...
  18. willyroo

    Rear Bumpers Choices

    15. Kaymar - has the reputation and matching pricing, unfortunately only in the land down under
  19. willyroo

    Possible to put 2006 LX470 steering wheel on 2006 LC100?

    Someone on LCool Australia reported successfully replacing an LC100 steering wheel with a Camry ACV40 (~2006-2011 years) wheel. Apparently even the clock spring was compatible, as was the airbag connection and cruise control. Unfortunately LCool has been down for a few months now and I can't...
  20. willyroo

    100 Series Transmission and Suspension interchangeability.

    A750F - either the $$ (but worth it) Toyota genuine WS transmission oil, or here in Oz Penrite makes a high quality compatible oil as well. In terms of recommended intervals for the A750F, my indie has suggested every 150,000 kms, however if you start ferreting further on this forum there's...
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