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    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    Jukeman, Try any auto supply store!!!
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    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    Trailer Hi, I have a converted lightplant, (flatbed, 3/4 ton rated) with a home made perforated steel box, and removable side extensions. parking brake, and updated lighting. e-mail me, or call me for details (520)400-5966 Earl
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    Wanted 70 FJ40 Steering Box

    Hey '71, Does yours have a rag joint, if it does, I have a '74, tight box, only 70K on it. $50.00 plus shipping. what,s your zip code? Earl C.
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    Looking For A Project?

    Poser, Sure, and if you'll e-mail me your e-mail address I will e-mail some to you. :cheers: Earl, in Tucson
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    Looking For A Project?

    Poser, It's in Arizoa, Tucson, and has a little rust at the rear chanel below wrere the doors would be if there were rear doors on it. :cheers: Earl
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    Looking For A Project?

    305 sbc, fender well headers, new brakes, bikini top, could use seats, has jump seats and buckets in front, needs thansmission work,(1st reverse slider chipped) Runs and drives. $2250.00 takes it away with a full set of side diamond plate. O.B.O. :cheers: Earl
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    For Sale 2/74 Exhaust Manifold (or Exh/Int manifold) needed

    Re: 2/74 Exhaust Manifold (or Exh/Int manifold) ne :stupid: This ad belongs in the wanted section! :stupid:
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    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    Re: Exhaust manifold :G Max, It's an F and 1/2, An inbetween, it has the 2-f oiling system, but the exhaust is bolted to the intake by 3 bolts, not 5, and the flange to the exhaust pipe is a 2 stud.. How are things in Wi., I'm from Milwaukee a long time ago, now living in Tucson Az...
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    Wanted FJ60 Manual

    Exhaust manifold :'( I am in need of an exhaust manifold for my '74 fj-40. mine has an ear broken off the exhaust pipe flange. I belive '74 & '75 were the same. You can e-mail me if you want. Thanks, Earl :beer:
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    For Sale Need to get rid of a few items!!!

    hI, IS THE MINI P/S BOX & BRACKET STILL F/S? Is it in good shape? How much to ship it to 85710, Tucson Az.??? I need one to do my '74-fj40 Thanks, Earl
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    40 stuff

    Jonathan, Hi, I have a '74 fj 40, with a late f engine in need of an exhaust manifold, does the one you have fit a '74?? You can E-mail me at, I,m in Tucson Az. Earl Carpentier :beer:
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