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    Battery cables

    This is the crimper I use it has the different colored dies to match the lugs.
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    Battery cables

    I would go visit the local welding shop and purchase several feet of cable, purchase the lugs and military spec battery ends then crimp and solder shrink wrap. Keep in mind there is a difference in lugs, some are all copper and somewhat thin, the others are plated and thicker.
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    Air conditioning working intermittently

    Sounds like a possible bad compressor, Our Avalon would do great on the road but get slowed down in town with traffic and it would quit and the ac light blinked. Then shortly it would return. Tried the freon route but it was not to be. So hopefully you just have a bad "O" ring on the condensor
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    Bigger/Better radiator

    Here is a site where they show the breakdown on a Tundra. In this thread is 3 weights of fluid available with Toyota part numbers. Did not realize toolsrus posted just about the same time. thus I...
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    Current Draw When Key Is Off

    Well around these parts a battery that old would be highly suspect.
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    AC not working

    To begin with you might need a set of gauges to test the ac system pressures. Like posted you might have to jump the switch to get the compressor to kick in. Does the compressor actually rotate? not the clutch but the actual compressor? turn by hand up front. Can you apply 12 volts to the...
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    Blown birfield in Vegas

    yep theres one in every crowd :)
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    Blown birfield in Vegas

    I would contact Victor at Findlay Toyota. he has 21+ years toyota experience does side work out of his garage. Contact the service department. Very sharp great technician
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    Newbie Question

    The grease should not be a problem on the sway bar link. Does not appear to be a zerk fitting on it unless it is snapped off. Would not loose any sleep over it at this point.
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    damn cigarette lighter...

    1st before anything you need a meter and verify its not grounded. Keep hooking a hot wire to it and you might experience some great fireworks.
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    Dual Battery Question - solenoid & switch vs. Hellroaring, Painless, etc.

    I am using the Hellroaring kit. Did not want any problems cutting into factory wiring. Left the inverter for the laptop plugged in overnight found the main battery dead in the morning. Flipped the dash switch to the 2nd battery and instant start.
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    High powered alternators

    Its another case of which dual battery setup he is going to run. If its a hellroaring kit like I have in my Tundra then there is no factory wiring to mess with. Some require cutting in and splicing alternator circuits.
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    Picture of leaking connection - can anyone identify?

    I was going to advise to put a pressure tester on the radiator and pump it up a tad to verify. But it sounds like you have it covered. Yes things travel quite a bit especially running down the road, the under draft on a vehicle sucks things all the way under and out.
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    Hand Throttle cable

    Again I would suggest Napa as they used to have them or could source them as well.
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    borla exhaust

    I agree mine is not that loud at all in my opinion.
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    borla exhaust

    If I recall correctly there were some sound clips of the Borla over at
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    Fitting 42" tyres on an 80!

    nice great looking rides
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    borla exhaust

    My Tundra has the Borla system and I could not be happier. Some say it has a drone and drives them nuts. I have 40,000 miles on mine and only have positive thoughts about it.
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    Fitting 42" tyres on an 80!

    There should be room to slip a over/under behind the xfer case on a 80 to allow it to run 80 all day long.
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    Fitting 42" tyres on an 80!

    Very informative post, keeping center of gravity low with larger tires to fit.
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