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  1. smm3

    MetalTech October Sales

    I bought a set of sliders for my 200 and sent an email to metal tech asking if they would ship LTL because it was over 450. I live in MS. They did and refunded me abour 140. Might be worth asking them...
  2. smm3

    Raffle- Free Brand New 100 Hood Supports

    I am in as well. I have been using a boat paddle! Thanks for doing this
  3. smm3

    Help Replacing Steering Wheel on 1999 LX470

    +1. I look every now and then for a used LC or LX wheel like you found to fix my 2000 LC. I haven't had a whole lot of luck though. Mine currently has a wheel skin cover on it but it is in rough shape. I hope that you can find a used combo switch so that you can make this wheel work for you!
  4. smm3

    Good To Be Back!

    Looks like a great find. Welcome back!
  5. smm3

    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    Looks great. How do you have your spare tire mounted? Is it some sort of trailer hitch mount?
  6. smm3

    Rear Cargo Area Water Leak - How I fixed it.

    I had the same problem with water leaking. I thought it was the third brake light so I taped it off and water tested it. I was still getting water. I also pulled the headliner to see if the rear sunroof drains were clogged but they were not. I figured out that water was coming in under the...
  7. smm3

    BBQ BOY's Smokin' Build Thread

    Those look great Michael. Can't wait to see them on the truck!
  8. smm3

    My new 100! Mods planned....

    Congrats on the purchase! Don't seem them with that few miles very often....
  9. smm3

    My intro - Lucille, the 2000 LC

    Congrats and welcome!! 160K is really low. I bought mine with 138K and now have close to 180. It amazes me every time I get in it and drive it how solid it feels. They are very well built!! Enjoy it.
  10. smm3

    Bought a 100 this week

    Great find! Looks like it is in good shape.
  11. smm3

    Coil pack O ring gasket

    I am missing one too and have been looking for a way to replace it.
  12. smm3

    New to us....let the mild build-up begin

    Congrats and welcome!!
  13. smm3


    I used fatmat rattle trap to cover the floor of the rear cargo area. I also covered the wheel wells with two layers. When I replaced the door speakers, I covered the door panels too. There is no rattle or vibration from the speakers. I can't speak to the rear cargo area being any quieter...
  14. smm3

    New here, let's play!

    Congrats on the purchase!
  15. smm3

    New '99 100

    Congrats on the purchase and Welcome!
  16. smm3

    Got into an accident. Wheel fell off.

    Michael, Sorry to learn of your accident. Glad nobody was hurt. Hopefully you will get the business up and running soon so that you can begin to get everything back in order! I agree with OregonLC that your insurance agent might be willing to work with you some. Its worth a shot for sure!
  17. smm3

    00N8's 2001 LX470 build thread

    That tubing comes from the rear sunroof drains.
  18. smm3

    Arb sahara install. Sourcing hardware

    I also purchased a used sahara bar and it did not contain the tube packers. I took the longest bolt (M12) to the local Ace hardware store. I found a piece of threaded pipe that was fairly close. We cut it to fit and used that. Basically the tube packer prevents the frame from collapsing when...
  19. smm3

    New to me!

    Looks Clean. Congrats!
  20. smm3

    295/65/18 Duratracs?

    I think the tires look great on your truck!! I am going to add this size to my list when it's time for new treads....
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