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  1. bowyer2002

    Brakes on my 2002 4WD Highlander...first time

    x2 on the rotor replacement - I'm on my original set with 213K miles on them. Several pads have been replaced though. I've miked them and they're not too thin, yet. Good job on taking on this easy wrenching task of changing brake pads!
  2. bowyer2002

    Time for a fuel filter change on the 4runner

    similar results with my Tacoma. imagine what some trucks would run like with a new fuel filter, new air filter, new o2 sensors and MAF cleaning!
  3. bowyer2002

    Can i fit 255/85/16 tires?

    I have that same size tire on my Tacoma with similar lift - works fine for the last 2 sets of tires and 100K miles. No regearing here and my truck still performs fine. The UCA and the tire will move together vertically - so clearance between the two will remain the same - unless you pack a...
  4. bowyer2002

    Question about my SAW's

    I dont think that the shock adjustability is what limits your front end lift. If you crank up your C/O shocks too much you'll be sacrificing the CV joints. I ran 255/85/16 for the last 7 yrs with minimum rubbing and only when offroading. Just my .02. Don't go over 3" on the front or your...
  5. bowyer2002

    upstream sensor help

    use a craftsman "Bolt Out" tool that is what worked for me.
  6. bowyer2002


    I didn't do as you requested but I know axle assemblies are reasonable $$ I put new ones in 18months ago for about $80/each. AND it was an easy job to do. I figured that 150K on the original equipment was good and it is easier to change them in the shop than when they might want to fail on a trip.
  7. bowyer2002

    front CV play

    I don't know that you need to replace the differential but I have some experience with the CVs see this link for CV info: I replaced the entire cv and axle assemblies as stated in the...
  8. bowyer2002

    Yogi's 4R almost done....Pic Heavy

    what size are your tires and how do you like them? recycled armor - good job!
  9. bowyer2002

    Slider sling guard install

    No problem, glad to help - which is what this forum is about.:cheers:
  10. bowyer2002

    Slider sling guard install

    The fencing part was a joke, but it would have worked as a disposable alternative and it is A LOT cheaper than the diamondplate! The Slees are excellent but these were already installed so I had to come up with my own plan.
  11. bowyer2002

    Slider sling guard install

    more pictures and the cheap-o bubba fix with a fencing plank! :hillbilly:
  12. bowyer2002

    Slider sling guard install

    I live on a gravel road, it is muddy year round. I finally got tired of the side of my truck looking like it has muddy zebra stripes - with the mud slung thru my sliders. This IS ih8mud afterall!:D So after a lot of thought I ended up with the following: Aluminum Diamond plate (a little...
  13. bowyer2002

    Hunting with the 4runner...

    nice "blind"! congrats on the hog too! that is an animal I'd love to hunt!
  14. bowyer2002

    minus a tow package

    How much towing are you looking to do? I'd opt for the 4-runner - less miles and more aftermarket options AND the e-locker. You can install a hitch, tranny cooler to the 4-runner to extend its life, stouter rear suspension if necessary and bigger brakes if justified. Just my .02.
  15. bowyer2002

    tailgate weatherstripping

    I looked into it a while ago because I live on a dirt road and even with a camper shell installed, anything in the bed was covered in a fine dust. Otherwise the shell kept the elements out - what is your reason to install the stripping?
  16. bowyer2002

    which to buy

    Double cab - my vote with 2 kids who are the primary passengers in the back seat for the last 8 yrs. Throw in diaper bags, strollers and such and you'll want a camper shell or bed cover. :)
  17. bowyer2002

    The 95+ Gen Toyota Truck registry

    A VESPA - cool!
  18. bowyer2002

    looking for stock lug nuts

    thanks a lot for the suggestions - after some looking I found them a lot cheaper on e-bay.
  19. bowyer2002

    looking for stock lug nuts

    I need a set - for 4 wheels, 6 lug each - for Toyota stock aluminum 16" wheels. can anyone help me out? Thanks!
  20. bowyer2002

    Cap Debate ?

    I have an ARE that is 9yrs old and still looks like new - although I have not put any load on the top.
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