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  1. tcarlson78

    Chapter in good standing

    Hey all. I need a roster from the club so I can do the chapter in good standing report. I need names address, phone etc. and TLCA #s too. Could ya send that to me. Easy way is to send it to work at Thanks I hope to get back into meetings and events this...
  2. tcarlson78

    TLCA Dues

    Hey all, there is a lot of chatter on Mud and LCML. about raising dues to meet the organizational requirements. Please take a look and reply with your thoughst so I can forward to the TLCA board of Dir.
  3. tcarlson78

    caravan from the south to rising sun rally

    Im in for the trip up on Sunday. See you at 8:30
  4. tcarlson78

    tune up shop on NW side prefered

    Any recomendations for a Tune-Up shop? My 350 is bogging down on long hills and even sputtering now and then. I would like to find a good shop in town and still be able to bike home or to work. The engine is a TBI 350 pulled from a 1993 1500 pickup that had 100K on it when I got it. So it...
  5. tcarlson78

    For Sale / Wanted Thread

    Time to clean the garage a little. Here is what I know I have. There may be more so if your currious give me a shout. Front seats for 78 FJ40 in good condition $150 Seat Covers (tough duck; Grey) $50 Bikini Top to match covers with track $45 2.5 inch Shackle lift $30 Ploy gas tank...
  6. tcarlson78

    Rising Sun at Chinaman's Gulch 1 April

    I forgot to ask, who thinks they will make it? Guessing that we meet at western at 0730 and depart at 0800. this will give us an hour and a half to get there, stretch our legs and air down. Any other suggestions, comments?
  7. tcarlson78

    Rising Sun at Chinaman's Gulch 1 April

    Just visited the Rising Sun sight and saw a run to Chinaman's on 1 April. Meeting at Jhonson's village at 0930. Drive out at 1000. This could be a good chance to meet up with another great club. Hey I might actually be able to get a kitchem pass due to spring break. Woo Hoo!! Now...
  8. tcarlson78

    Shameless cross post by a newbie!!!!

    Welcome to Colorado Springs and USAFA. What will you be doing at USAFA? I teach in the Econ and Geography Department. Contact me and we can talk some. THe CLC group is a good group of friends and besides some wheeling opportunities around here there are a lot of...
  9. tcarlson78

    Membership Info

    The way I understand it is that members of a chapter can submit thier TLCA renewal and dues with the chapter in good standing form I have to submit. kinda like a 2 for 1 deal. Though I think it would be easier to do the TLCA membership thing on your own.
  10. tcarlson78

    Membership Info

    All, As the TLCA Delegate I need to fill in a Chapter in good standing form. It has all sorts of quesitons on it. Such as Officers name address email etc. It also asks for TLCA numbers. Kendall or Dave(?) if you have a list can you email it to me and then Ill transcribe the stuff...
  11. tcarlson78

    Machine Shop to turn Rear disc rotor

    Greetings all, Ill be at the meeting on Tuesday, 17 Jan. (yes I should have some dues money with me). I am looking forward to seeing everyone again. I do have a question though, I am beyond frustration with my brakes and have decided to do a rear disc conversion. Parts are easy to...
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