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    Full Camper Conversion

    I think that is a great idea. I would love to have a pop-top on my cruiser, something like . It would take some ingenuity, and you would have to frame around the hole in the roof correctly (not too flimsy, not too heavy). It sounds like a cool...
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    1989 FJ 62 Transmission Problems

    I can't diagnose your tranny, but I can offer some advice. Do a search, and you can find the name of the place that sells the bulletproof FJ62 trannies. Search using the keywords "Rodney", "transmission", and "Australia" (yes they are in Australia). His website has a lot of useful...
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    paperclip test

    Are you talking about the cheapo code reader trick using a paperclip? I think I read that somewhere in my owners manual, but I am not sure. When I get a chance, I will try and find it. Andrew
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    My Starter Is Stuck On

    Thanks for the replies, eveyone. I am quite glad to hear that it probably isn't the ignition switch. I will do a "trail repair" (it is in the parking lot at work) this week. Andrew
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    My Starter Is Stuck On

    I have been having starter problems for a month now. It would just click, and it would take a few tries to get it to turn. It seemed better when it was warm, and it seemed to work better if I turned the key with snappy motion. Just now, I got it to turn but then it kept on cranking even...
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    FJ62 + H55 = Better Performance

    I have started manually shifting the auto in my FJ62 sometimes. If I hold each gear so that I rev to 3K-3.5K, the acceleration is so much better than mushing along with the auto tranny shifting at 2K. It is like having a completely different vehicle. I now have no doubt that an H55 would...
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    Retrofit 60 headlights?

    You can buy the necessary parts at Exiled (on this board) did it, so I would look at his post to see what parts he used I will be doing it too, probably, eventually. Andrew
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    Diesel Swap In California

    Does anyone know the rules for diesel swaps in California? Can I do a Cummins 4BTA swap and be legal here in California? Thanks for your help. Andrew
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    rain gutter rust repair help

    If you take care of all the visible stuff on the outside (top and bottom of the gutter), what else would you need to do? Take the headliner of and clean out from the inside? Andrew
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    89 FJ62 Interior panels

    I'd be suprised if doesn't have what you need at a fair price. Andrew
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    Do You Still Have Flex With A SOA?

    Thanks for all the replies, and great photos too. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Andrew
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    Do You Still Have Flex With A SOA?

    Those pics are with 33" tires. How could you do that with 35" (or larger) tires? The tire won't fit into the wheel well, right? My point is not that the springs won't flex, but how can you allow them to flex much with rubbing/cutting/shredding on the body? Andrew
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    Do You Still Have Flex With A SOA?

    I have never seen a picture of a SOA really flexed up. If you get a SOA, then you have plenty of lift to fit big tires, but does that mean that you have to use bump stops to keep the tires from flexing up into the wheel wells? What am I missing? Please straighten me out here folks. Andrew
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    fj62 without power w/l

    I was told that power windows and locks were an option for the 1988 model year, however, most came with the option. My power windows and locks are very convenient, but I am swapping them out as part of my build-up, just to make the rig more spartan. Andrew
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    Dream come true!!!

    Welcome to the group. That's a great looking rig. Don't be put off by anyone saying that you paid a lot of money for it. It is darn hard to find just the right rig the way you want it, and it is worth it to pay for the right one it comes along. You now have a great rig with lots of...
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    Catalytic Converters for V8 Swap

    Here in California, the catalytic converter is considered part of the chassis. If I swap in a Chevy V8, which normally goes through one catalytic converter, do I have to still use two catalytic converters since my FJ62 has two catalytic converters? Andrew
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    Evolution of Wagon & Trailer

    Why won't you be able to attend CM again? When my build up is complete, I hope to attend CM. I figured that you would be one of the folks I would meet and get to wheel with. Andrew
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    Downey adapter for 700r4 - anyone have one?

    Does the TH400 have a locking TC? The early 700R4 trannies had some deign problems that were corrected in later model years. That is what I plan to use when I do my V8 swap. Andrew
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    How tall does your SOA stand?

    Can you please tell me about de-arched springs (what, why, how)? Would a SOA be a bad idea with my stock springs? Thanks. Andrew
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    Does the tailgate on a 62 lock with power locks?

    How do you access the two relays, through the jack access panel? For that matter, why are there two? Andrew
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