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  1. J

    45 Series Custom tray build Traymounts

    Micro-truck bed has fold down removable sides and tailgate
  2. J

    fj40 gas tank in an FJ55?

    I have one in NW Montana. But you would have to remove it.
  3. J

    SOLD HZJ75 Double Cab Fire Truck NW Montana

    August too
  4. J

    Wanted FJ40 double Steering arm

    Believe it sold. Sorry. Thanks.
  5. J

    Carb cooling fan motor self destruct, replacement?

    Lots entire cooling fans on eBay From time to time. I probably have one in barn.
  6. J

    For Sale NW Montana 66 FJ45 drivetrain

    Hoping to clean up yard some this summer. No big hurry. Hate to take some of this stuff to dump.
  7. J

    For Sale NW Montana 66 FJ45 drivetrain

    No carb was on it when I got it. If you want to make the trip i could sweeten the deal. PTO winch? Another 1F motor? centered diffential? Etc
  8. J

    For Sale NW Montana 66 FJ45 drivetrain

    I did restomod on ‘66 45 3 years ago and used other parts from a FJ60. Have axles/driveshafts/engine/tranny/transfer that need to go. it was Wyoming vehicle, hadn’t run in 25 years. Engine turns over freely. Axles spin well. $350 for all. I can help load. Cannot ship.
  9. J

    What have you done to your Land Cruiser this week?

    Nice wheel cover, where did you find that? Thanks
  10. J

    Water pump bolt leaky

    I believe OEM manual recommends coating threads with RTV silicone, maybe it wasn’t
  11. J

    Aluminum Tubs & Dissimilar Metal Corrosion

    I haven’t had problem, use stainless hardware and ground body to chassis too. Finished mine ‘06, Seal connections with black silicone
  12. J

    Sell or hold ?

    I had C8 surgery a year ago and drive mine daily. I run 24 lbs in the 35” tires and keep it below 45 mph, and I’m always smiling. I take lots of breaks when tinkering and spend some time on a foam roller and try to not spend much time in a recliner which promotes stiffness. “Motion is the Lotion “
  13. J

    Hot starting question

    2600 ft
  14. J

    Hot starting question

    The full pedal without pumping definitely helps. It still takes 5-10 seconds unlike cold starts which are immediate. Looks like there’s no need for a carb fan for me. Thanks for the insight, the explanation and assistance. Once again Mud to the rescue.
  15. J

    Fj40 losing power

    That’s what my pertronix did in its last day of life. We need more info maybe. What is voltage at coil. Spark at spark plug? Etc. By “power” ... be more specific.
  16. J

    What are you running for alarm/anti theft?

    Seems like someone put a hidden toggle switch under the dash that grounded the coil and disguised in the harness. Wouldn’t prevent towing. But simple and quick
  17. J

    FJ45 rollovers and the need for a roll cage

    It would be possible to build a OEM-like bed canopy using stronger material that would give some protection and not offend the purists too
  18. J

    FJ45 rollovers and the need for a roll cage

    I opted for some limited protection outside the cab. So I built some protection between the cab and my smaller bed, then a rack in the bed that is beefy. One directly to the frame, the other indirectly. Used thicker tubing, etc. It allows easy transport of boats, lumber, ladders, mtn bikes...
  19. J

    Hot starting question

    Good explanation. Thanks Will try the full pedal.
  20. J

    Hot starting question

    I realize this has been discussed lots and consensus is to install carb cooling fan... But if I park it blazing hot and don’t try to start it till next cool morning, it starts in 1 second. If the manifold is boiling off the gas in the bowl why would it instantly start next am. Yesterday parked...
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