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    FJ60 FJ62 Headlight Bezel Gasket

    just ordered as well, maybe a sticky for this?
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    "A" Pillar Water Leak troubleshooting

    same thing here, was the gutters.
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    Auto Transmission Rebuild?

    Had mine rebuilt at an AAMCO shop in Virginia Beach, 5 year warranty, rebuilder had done 5 of them. Not cheap way to go but has done great since then. They had to send it out to another rebuilder at another AAMCO who had the experience.
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    Parting Out 1988 Toyota Land Cruiser fj62

    cold start injector with associated fuel line, banjo bolts if selling engine parts.
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    Doing the rear bearings

    watched a local mechanic remove mine with a giant puller,no way I could've gotten it out. Would have to work on it outside to have enough room to slide the pipe from one side to another.
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    New 60 carpet for sale! JUNE 1, 2018 UPDATE

    Very interested '88 FJ62 Gray
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    CSF 2708 Radiator petcock

    I've had them break, now I just remove the lower rad hose and drain, eliminates the petcock issue.
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    Aftermarket FJ62 bumper in OEM style?

    If you have a stock bumper at all, a rechroming shop will remove the dents, rust and rechrome it. Mine was about $300 to have done and it looks like new. The shop would only pick it up at an autoparts store or auto mechanics shop (don't know why) but they did pick it up and deliver it to my...
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    A440F Weirdness Questions

    Mine did the same thing, tranny guy said junk clogs the filter, trans slips, when you stop junk falls down allowing fluid to move until the junk clogs it up again. Had it rebuilt and no problems since.
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    FJ60/ Fj62 rear hatch washer nozzle replacement

    amazon sells it
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    60 series Apron Covers

    Ill take a set as well
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    Transmission Rebuild Cost

    '88 FJ62 rebuild at an aamco place, local mechanic who works on the FJ recommended them. Had to send it to his expert who had rebuilt five of them, almost 5 grand with 5 yr warranty. works like a champ no issues at all. Wanted a new one from Rodney but too expensive and still had to have it...
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    h4 bulb burning dim

    Had the same issue with the same harness, found that the OE wiring had some tiny cracks in the insulation and was grounding it out (SLCfj62 told me to make sure the OE wiring was in good shape with no cracks but did I listen NO!!) Wrapped the cracked areas and all works great now, has been...
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    FJ60 Radiator removal/replacement

    Put a large flat screwdriver through the grill openings and wedge the bolt head that connects to the square sleeve nut at the rubber rad mount. That way you can remove the square nut without removing your grill. I had to remove the fan shroud and fan together to get it out, then cut the shroud...
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    FJ62 Headlight Harness Kit? Recipe?

    I second SLCfj2, Eric is a wealth of information, there is an entire thread about installing his harness.
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    Vendor 1989 FJ62 with Blue/Gray Interior

    square nuts with washer and rubber insulators that hold the radiator to the upper grill support, the bolt heads are behind the ac condenser. shipping to 23434 thanks
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    El Cheapo DIY Brighter Tail Light mod...

    What width did you buy? The default 2 inch?
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    CruiserYard Raffle Time- Giving away 1, maybe 2 Sets of Rear Tailgate Supports!!

    Please count me in as well.
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