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  1. bj73 1987

    New 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser FZJ73 Owner

    Is that the oem vinyl flooring? It looks much thicker than others ive seen.
  2. bj73 1987

    Fitting 35's on a BJ74

    These look awesome, Do you have any pictures of how it looks all together?
  3. bj73 1987

    Fitting 35's on a BJ74

    Has anyone trimmed the rear wheel well? Currently runnning 33s but plans for 35s or 37s, (probably +37s in the end as, why not) I am fixing the rust and have to redo the rear wheel well and am considering trimming them now so i dont need to undo my work later. Does anyone have a picture of...
  4. bj73 1987

    SOLD 3B Turbo Kit

    is it for the 3bii?
  5. bj73 1987

    Issaquah, WA - Turbo-Glide 3B Kit - Garrett T25

    Is it for the 3bii?
  6. bj73 1987

    BJ73 1987 Build

    Quick update to share my DIY front winch bumper for the 73. Much appreciation to @Behemoth60 for all the help with the welding and design. Made out of Aluminum to save weight as the 3b is a tractor. I will be sandblasting and doing a clear powdercoat to keep the natural metal look.
  7. bj73 1987

    Charging issue?

    I have same issue with my 87 BJ73 3B 24v. Both new batteries. My Filter light stays on till till it reaches 28v. Ive been told that this is normal occurrence by someone who knows way more than me so im not too concerned.
  8. bj73 1987

    Aftermarket seats for 70 series

    I was able to use a pair of Hyundai Tiburon seats that I got from the junkyard for $50. I was able to use them with the stock suspension platform and use the stock seat heaters that were in the Tiburon. Here is a picture of one of them installed. Had to take a break during this project as i...
  9. bj73 1987

    Fuel line tap for Diesel Heater

    I have installed a diesel heater where the rear heater unit was between the seats. I currently have a separate fuel tank in the engine bay, but I want to tap into my diesel fuel system to free up engine bay space. I wanted to know if it is possible to tap into a fuel line or would i need to...
  10. bj73 1987

    BJ73 3B Exhaust Routing

    I haven't moved the front axle yet. My next tire size is 35 but always wanting bigger tires i want to make sure that it will clear if i choose to go to 37s or maybe 40s....
  11. bj73 1987

    BJ73 3B Exhaust Routing

    Are you able to send me some pics of the routing in the front wheel well? I am looking at going to a 2.5 in but am concerned that >35 inch tires will rub. I was looking and was thinking of modifying the body mount so i can feed the tube through and give more clearance for turning radius.
  12. bj73 1987

    BJ73 1987 Build

    Thank you! I just received my OEM snorkel and am going to look to install soon. I may message you for your placement of the hole in the side fender as not confident on exact location as of now.
  13. bj73 1987

    BJ73 1987 Build

    Thank you! I believe so, was from Fort McMurray and I got it around August and have been upgrades and fixes since. Starting to love the never ending projects.
  14. bj73 1987

    BJ73 1987 Build

    I am located in Calgary! and that is actually very helpful as some of the parts are impossible to find. Current plans is to fix the body up and de-rust (only a little surface rust) and the move onto some engine upgrades like a turbo. May need a 13bt turbo manifold if you got one of those...
  15. bj73 1987

    BJ73 1987 Build

    First project once I drove it 9 hours home was to redo the brakes and front bearings. I ended up rebuilding the whole braking system including the brake master cylinder. Decided that while I had everything apart I would refinish the hubs and locking hub. Below are the before and after...
  16. bj73 1987

    BJ73 1987 Build

    Recently purchased my first Landcruiser after getting hooked by my friends FZJ80. After looking around I came across a BJ73 for sale and feel in-love with the mid-sized wheel base and 'boxy' look of the 70 series. 1987 BJ73 Model: S-BJ73V-MN Engine: 3B 3.4L diesel Axel...
  17. bj73 1987

    For Sale Alberta Canada HZJ79 Ex-Mine Truck Parts

    @HoffLarr I am potentially interested in one of the 75 series. I saw an image of one with a flin flon mine sticker. Are the trucks from the Flin Flon mine? i have had alot of family work and are from there so would be cool to have the connection.
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